We Can't Leaf These Mesmerizing Plant GIFs Alone

Sasha Katz blends greenery with technology in these soothing endless loops.
May 10, 2017, 2:12pm

A computer keyboard sprouts roots; flowers rest tastefully on a laptop; vines wrap a bobbing smartphone in an earthy embrace. These are just a few of the not-so-still lifes in Moscow-based animator Sasha Katz's pastel-tinted minimalist repertoire.

At a glance, the 28-year-old British Higher School of Arts and Design grad's work seems to be a logical extension of van Gogh's sunflowers or Cézanne's peaches: a picture of an ordinary object that embodies the artist's way of seeing. "I am a great admirer of botanical illustrations and draw inspiration from painters, especially Henri Rousseau, as well as magazines, books and tattoos," she tells Creators. "I don't see a huge difference between a computer and a bouquet of flowers."

Lurking beneath her work's sleek, modern veneer is a desire for a world enhanced by biotechnology. "I have a lot of love for plants and technologies. I think that the symbiosis between the two is our bio-future. I am so inspired by this idea that I cannot stop."

Her work would certainly feel at home on a sanitized, futuristic vessel, perhaps preserving the memory of plants that don't grow in space. But for Katz, nothing can replace the real thing. She says, "there is no better day for me than a day spent at a botanical garden."


Check out more of her work below:

See more of Sasha Katz's work on her website.


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