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Wear Magic on Your Sleeve with These Adorable Embroidered Pins

Self-taught artist Irem Yazici makes miniature skeletons, flowers, and magic carpets.

Lustrous embroidered pins depicting miniature plants, animals, and symbols set Turkish artist Irem Yazici's work apart from the regular ol' pin crowd. Since 2014, she's been teaching herself needlepoint techniques, and supports larger works by selling her tiny textile renderings online.

Yazici's vibrant color palette and painterly bunches of thread are the result of pure experimentation without any formal training. "I didn't go to fine arts school, so my drawing wasn't that good," she tells Creators. "But I leveled up since I've been stitching since I needed to better reflect what's in my head with embroidery."


Throughout her growth as an artist, the Eskisehir-based artist has also been developing spiritually, which in turn inspires her subject matter. "I was into Paganism at first, then I took an interest in shamanic thought. I met some interesting energy healers and started to meditate with them. Meditation really helps with imagination," she says.

This is evident in her surreal designs, which feature everything from exquisite flora to trumpet-playing goats dancing interspecies couples á la Björk's "Triumph Of A Heart" video, and a lady with a flower growing out of her eye socket—and that's just the beginning. "I'm now at the beginning of my spiritual journey where I discover my shadow side and my bright side," she says. "I will reach to piece in my mind when I accept and love the both sides." Check out her pins and other projects in the Instagrams below.

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