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Behold a Lego Train Traveling Through a Homemade Underwater Tunnel

Super chill ride.

Please take a mental break to enjoy this video of a toy train running through a miniature world with its own tiny underwater tunnel surrounded by fish.

Youtuber and Lego nut Bananenbuurman built the path out of 18 meters of Lego track, working on this thing for years (he uploaded the first "making-of" video in 2015).

To make the railway, he turned a perfectly charming garden into a mud pit, carving out sections of the path with water. A tube laid in a pond and tarped up in blue becomes the see-through tunnel, complete with goldfish. Cameras attached to the top and sides capture the first-person POV.

Bananenbuurman's done just about every stunt with a Lego train that you can imagine, including running that bad boy in a vertical loop, ramming it through a Minions cake for some reason, and smashing it into glass.

The locomotive eventually stalls, and as the tunnel springs a leak, floodwaters drown the train. But don't dwell on that part. Just watch it wind its way through a miniature landscape, and try not to think about how it's all destroyed in the end.

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