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Take an Afternoon Aquarium Trip with Ryan Hemsworth and Lucas' "Angel" Music Video

A highlight from last year's Secret Songs collaborative EP 'Taking Flight' gets a new visual.
April 6, 2016, 4:01pm

After teaming up last year on collaborative EP Taking Flight, Secret Songs founder Ryan Hemsworth and Seattle-based producer Lucas have shared a new visual for standout track "Angel." Directed by Kang Cutler, and shot by Mark Corless, the video features appropriately soothing footage of an aquarium and a lush greenhouse.

"I think we both agreed that we wanted to take the EP in more of a soundtrack direction than just something for the clubs. We both appreciate a lot of different types of music, especially post-rock, so even if the tracks still sound very electronic, I think we definitely come from a nostalgic place for the high school music that we still love—like Explosions in the Sky," Hemsworth told THUMP last year. "Just good headphone music: songs that I listen to when I'm traveling, songs with a lot of warmth to them."

Watch the video above.