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Someone Is Already Selling Aphex Twin's Surprise 12" for $400 Online

He sold the mysterious, limited-edition record at Houston's Day for Night festival this weekend, where he performed.
Image fromthe cover of

the Richard D. James Album

The limited edition vinyl record Aphex Twin sold this weekend at Houston's Day for Night festival is already selling online for exorbitant prices. One eBay user has so far sold four of their stock of six copies of the Houston, TX 12.17.16 12"for $399.99 each, while a lone copy has appeared on online music marketplace Discogs at the slightly discounted rate of $349.99, points out The Vinyl Factory.


A representative for the festival has confirmed that the record is authentic. It bears no information on the label except for the Warp and Aphex logos, and the time and place of the performance.

This is not the first time limited edition vinyl from the artist has sold for hefty sums online. If you'll remember, a test pressing copy of his almost-long lost 1994 LP Caustic Window sold on Discogs in 2014 for $13,500.

For a period of time, a rip of the record was available for download via Reddit, but the links have since been taken down. This weekend's performance marked Aphex Twin's first in the United States in eight years.

In other Aphex-related news, Moby recently opened up about the time the producer called him a "buffoon."

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