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SoundCloud Will No Longer Take Down DJ Mixes

Its founder announced the policy shift in a recent interview.
Screenshot of Eric Wahlforss courtesy of YouTube

SoundCloud will no longer take down DJ mixes for copyright infringement, according to an interview with founder Eric Wahlforss published last week. The decision was reached during negotiations for the company's paid subscription service SoundCloud Go, and involved agreements with copyright collection societies such as Germany's GEMA.

He said that DJ mixes can now be uploaded to the site "problem-free."


The streaming platform has become notorious over the last few years for its strict policies regarding the use of copyrighted material, often taking down content or deleting whole accounts as a result. In the saga, artists have even been kicked off the site for supposedly infringing on the copyrights of their own music.

SoundCloud's competitor Apple Music reached a similar deal with music distributor Dubset in March that made it possible to stream previously unlicensed DJ mixes and unofficial remixes.

The platform's premium service, SoundCloud Go, was launched in March, and has features including the removal of ads, offline streaming, and a larger catalogue of music available for listening than the unpaid service.

SoundCloud did not respond to a request for comment by the time of publication.

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