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Who's ready to join the trance fam?
February 21, 2014, 12:40am

You guys didn't think THUMP had forgotten about trance, did you? While we admit that we've focused much of our attention on what's going on in the underground trenches of house and techno, many in our ranks remain card-carrying members of the infamous trance family. We still love PLUR, making hearts with our hands, and dancing around in circles while wearing garments both fuzzy and neon. To assure you guys that we aren't full of shit or a pack of coldhearted techno snobs, we recruited one of the most esteemed and beloved names in trance and electronic music at large: BT.


This guy is the messiah of producers. His career is rooted in musical composition, advanced technological innovation, and a pretty badass hair cut. In anticipation of his forthcoming single for Armada, which drops on the 24th, he put together a mix for us that starts like a bull out of the gates and doesn't let up steam—except for a few euphoric breakdowns. Throw this thing on full blast, and you very well might be inclined to ditch your clothes and go dancing like a fool in the rain. When the police arrive to drag you away for indecent exposure, you'll probably just tell them how much you love them. Trance will do that to you.

BT - Tomahawk [Armada Music]
LTN - A Path to Nowhere (Jerome IsmaAe Remix) [Arrival]
Above & Beyond - Walter White [AnjunaBeats]
BT - Letting Go (Dankann & Antillas Remix) [Armada Music]
Ilan Bluestone - Spheres [AnjunaDeep]
Johnny Yono - Exodus [Lange Recordings]
BT - Skylarking [Armada Music]
Kerry Leva Proud (Juventa Remix) [Enhanced Recordings]
BT Ft. Dragon, JonTron, Senadee - Lifeline [Armada Music]
Norin & Rad - That Was Easy [AnjunaBeats]
Suspect 44 - Amazing [Trice Recordings]
Progresia Ft. Linnea Schossow - Fire Fire Fire (Ilan Bluestone Remix) [AnjunaBeats]
Fractal - Atrium [MonsterCat]
Andrew Bayer - Once Lydian [AnjunaBeats]
Yuji Ono, Max Freegrant - Tokyo Drift [Freegrant Music]

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