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These New Todd Terje Remixes Make Winter More Bearable

Blitz the slush outside your window away with two stellar remixes of Norwegian don.

Depending on where you are in the world you may have woken up to snow this morning, or it's just really, really cold, and your ears are slowly freezing off. What's the surefire way to warm up your ear canals with a thermal stream of grooving goodness? How about some new Todd Terje remixes? This morning the mustached maestro himself released two remixes of "Leisure Suit Preben" from his hugely successful 2014 record It's Album Time. And trust us, they'll bring the sunshine to your life faster than a trip to Cancun.


The first remix by I:Cube chops the original track up, converting it into a faster more driven affair. The French producer pours some fairly substantial synth builds over clattering percussive breaks. It sounds a bit like a prog-rock for cocktail parties, a hugely neglected genre in the grand scheme of things.

The second on the other hand, remixed by Norwegian producer Prins Thomas, sticks far closer to the spirit of the original record. Still tight and sassy, Thomas opts to puff the track out with touches of reverb and deft deployment of strings. He has also named the remix Preben goes to Acapulco which makes complete sense when the mix hits the final three minutes and goes loco.

From our ears, and the rest of our body parts overall—thank you Todd.