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Moor Mother's New Track Is a Reminder of the Agitating Power of Noise

"KBGK" is off her forthcoming album 'Fetish Bones,' due later this month.
Artwork by Nebraska Mozell

Philadelphia artist and activist Camae Defstar aka Moor Mother is gearing up to release her new LP Fetish Bones later this month, and in advance of that, THUMP is delighted to stream magnetizing album cut "KBGK" today. Produced by Baltimore's TRNSGNDR/VHS, it's mixed so that you have to turn it all the way up to hear the sonic nuances of the distorted vocal—"Kill Black girl kill, that's my dissertation / And if you can, drop a bomb on they plantation"—thus setting up its blasting screech to sneak into the far reaches of your brain's nooks and crannies from the get-go.


"'KBGK' is one of those tracks I wasn't initially interested in using as a single, because I knew it would be well received because how it speaks about violence and oppression," she said. "That is the very reason I say at the end that this is dedicated to all black and brown girls. Whom I feel are in constant danger. Lyrically, its bars are for the emcees and the poets. It is soul food, activism and church before 1940 aka historical data."

Fetish Bones will be released by New Jersey imprint Don Giovanni on September 16.

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