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Monophona's New Video Finds Beauty in Horror

Shit gets real creepy with the Luxembourg-based art-tronic project.

Luxembourg-based art-tronic project Monophona's music is a compelling combination of a fragile, delicate voices and beats with a seeping darkness running through them. The tunes alone can already captivate, but once you've seen the video for Monophona's song, "Thumb," you'll be pulled into their gleefully morbid abyss.

The video accompanies a young lady as she wanders, as if in a dream, through the rooms of a mansion and realizes, apparently unfazed, that everything in this house is dead-or at least very ill. Also, she's wearing a creepy facemask. We don't know what's going on exactly, but with the music it feels at once both discomforting and peaceful.


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