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This is What Minimalist Indian Monsoon Music Looks Like

The deluge of classy subcontinental electronic music continues, this time with Fuzzy Logic's "Guerrilla Monsoon"
October 2, 2014, 10:00pm

The first release from Bombay based producer Arfaaz Kagalwala AKA Fuzzy Logic's forthcoming EP Guerilla Monsoon is a telling insight into the rapidly iterating landscape of electronic music production in India, as well as what underpins the pedigree of this generation of creators. Director Sachin Pillai cut his teeth as a director in the ruthlessly competitive ad film industry in Bombay, while Arfaaz started to play music as a drummer in a band heavily into prog rock.


The two have known each other for years – Sachin recalls Arfaaz as being the only drummer in college who could nail the Moby Dick drum solo – and this video lays bare how a friendship can serve to bridge the often divisive gap that a camera can foment. As Arfaaz recalls, "the basic plan for the video was to go on a road trip after a gig in Pune and just go with the flow." Sachin, however, had a slightly more explicit plan: "to perceive the textures of the monsoon, and try to amalgamate our interactions with these elements."

That chosen narrative, combined with Arfaaz' bourgeoning obsession with analogue synths, Sachin's ongoing experiments with glass, a river swollen by a night torrent that almost washed away their tent and their gear, and a certain shared chemistry between two friends, all come together here to present "a sense of subdued fascination and elation around the Maharashtra monsoon."

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