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MIXED BY Crookers

The Italian wizard throws in a slew of new cuts off his forthcoming album, 'Sixteen Chapel.'

Crookers may have started out as a two Italians making banging mid-2000s electro together, but when Bot left the group in 2012, Phra was left carrying the torch (and the group's name). For the last three years, Phra has been churning out fidgety electro-house that makes you wiggle your bones and bug the fuck out in the best way possible. On June 16, he'll release his first album as solo-Crookers, entitled Sixteen Chapel, on his old home Dim Mak.


The musical output of Crookers has always basked in its glorious weirdness, taking sounds ranging from electro to hip-hop and bass, smashing them into each others' grills and creating an entirely new monster. The album promises to be a collaboration-heavy showcasing of the producer's sound, featuring dance heads like TJR and Zombie Nation, and people on the other side of the pool like R&B crooner Jeremih. The latter joined forces with Phra for "I Just Can't," a bouncy bass-meets-bedroom track that works in both dance and hip-hop clubs. The accompanying video is just as strange as it is awesome:

Tracks like this flaunt the kind of genre-mixing that's made Crookers a household name, and his brand spanking new MIXED BY follows suit. Stacked with a slew of tunes off his new album, it also doubles as an early preview of sorts. It's an hour-long wild ride that moves fast, turns hard, and has zero working seat belts. Enjoy the ride.

Crookers - Untitled Beautiful Song to Release Asap
Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz feat. Will Heard (Crookers Remix)
Doug English - Hood Life (Rrotik Remix)
Crookers - Down
Dilligas - ID (Forthcoming on Ciao Recs)
Fono - Real Joy (Chris Lake & Rrotik remix)
Crookers - Heavy
Crookers - Trippin'
Crookers - Sexy Thing
Crookers & Riddim Commission - This Summer (Dirty Version)
Randomer - Bring
Modeler - Untitled
Solid Groove - This Is Sick
Crookers - I Just Can't (Chris Lorenzo Remix)
D'Angelo - Back to the Future (Part I)

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