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Zomby and Rezzett Just Previewed a Collaborative Track, "SDYF"

The two minute track is a preview of the as yet unreleased full length version.

With Zomby's Let's Jam EPs out now, the producer has gone from off-piste to everywhere in the last couple of weeks. This run continues with the surprise drop of "SDYF", a track he has produced with Trilogy Tapes affiliated duo Rezzett. It's not an epic by any stretch, but Zomby has since tweeted indicated that this is just a preview of a longer version we have yet to hear. Even then, it's a preview that more than makes up for brevity in intentions, packing haunted rattles and warped breakbeats across the sort of trippy, scorched landscape Rezzett produce so well. There's no indication whether or not this track is part of an even bigger project, but based on how great it is, we can but hope. Listen below.


This headline of this article was amended to reflect that this is a preview and not a full track as first thought.