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Steve Aoki Wrote a Song with Bill Nye the Science Guy

The man of many cakes and your childhood idol are all about merging science and art.
November 12, 2015, 7:53pm

Bill Nye the Science Guy, the man who made science a whole lot cooler for kids in the 90s, has joined forces with cake-throwing Benihana heir Steve Aoki. The bowtie-clad former PBS Kids star has co-written a science-oriented song for Aoki's upcoming album.

"Creativity and science belong together," Nye says in an interview with Fast Company. Set to the theme of "The Twilight Zone," the collaborative venture, fittingly titled "Noble Gas," is a scientific explanation of human origins.

"We are made of exploded stars and other rogue drifting-around material," Nye explains in the interview. "Carbon, oxygen, iron—what's more fun than that? The 'Noble Gas' song would start with exploding super novae, then lead to us."

"Noble Gas" is not the first time millennials have got down and dirty to Bill Nye's musical ventures. He released songs in the 90s with appropriately titled names like "Cellular Haze" and "Water Cycle Jump." While those tunes may now only be distant memories from the era of Saturday morning cartoons, perhaps the unlikely Nye-Aoki mashup will be a vehicle for introducing the quirky scientist to the new EDM-crazed tween cohort.

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