This story is over 5 years old.

Guy Plays Dark Experimental Noise at a Children's Park Event and Confuses Everyone

Pre-school industrial ambience.

Personally I wouldn't say I'm particularly good with kids. I can entertain them as far as reading the synopses of films out of the Radio Times, or hiding behind my hands before bursting out and shouting "PEEK A BOO" aggressively in their faces, but beyond that I'm never sure quite what it is young children find engaging. As it turns out, from this footage that was circulating around the internet this morning, the answer to that question is not "dark experimental noise." The clip, originally shot back in June, shows artists Jon Watkiss playing a number of modified instruments from the bandstand in Victoria Gardens, Stafford to a crowd made up of three to five year-olds and their parents. It's fair to say they're not really his audience. Shouts out in particular to the Grandma who leans forward to her Grandson and says, "it's sort of a different sort of music isn't it?"


It's also worth noting that Watkiss' experimentation largely consists of circuit bending children's toys. You can practically hear the phone call booking him now:

"So you're a musician but you only use children's toys?"
"Well that's perfect, head down to the bandstand! Oh, and wear a funny hat…"