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​Boiler Room TV and Native Instruments Kick Off New Collaborative Series

Part one of the series "Credit to the Edit" begins today.
November 15, 2015, 5:52pm

Internet dance channel Boiler Room TV and music tech giants Native Instruments have teamed up for a series of "insightful events, feature articles, performances, mixes, and more exploring a broad range of topics."

For the first part of the series, "Credit to the Edit," a panel discussion being held today at London's Institute of Contemporary Art will be live streamed. Panelists include "New York veteran François K, London's prime tastemaker Benji B, and DJ/journalist Greg Wilson," who will discuss the history and culture importance of remixing and sample editing, as well as the tools that are innovating this process. On topic will be Native Instrument's new Stems format, which allows for DJs to manipulate multiple track stems simultaneously.

For the series, Greg Wilson penned a personal essay for Boiler Room TV, "From Segue To Stems," in which he discusses his history with editing — from reel-to-reel to digital manipulation. Super Weird Substance, the multimedia label run by Wilson, recently announced the release its first compilation.