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The Greatest Electronic Love Songs of All Time

From Giraffage and Air to Moodymann and Daft Punk—somebody's gonna get pregnant.

When most people think of the greatest love songs ever made, their minds probably turn to Dean Martin, Marvin Gaye or, like, Serge Gainsbourg. Maybe Usher if you're nasty. Since the dawn of music, the business of love songs has been monopolized by people who have never touched a drum machine or tried on a super cool robot helmet. But guess what? A lot of people don't really know shit.

In fact, the world of electronic music contains some of the most sensual, smoothest, most love-soaked jams in the history of sound. I've logged countless hours seeking electronic music made for lovers and am renowned among my peers for my sexy iTunes playlists. It offers a welcome break from the neck-breaking beats that dominate the current EDM landscape, so even though Valentine's Day isn't for a couple months, I sifted through some digital archives to assemble a list of some of history's greatest electronic love songs.


Yes, I was tempted to include a track from R. Kelly's new album (though I did not) and no, I won't be held responsible for any unwanted little ones who may be created while listening to one of these songs.

Breakbot - "Baby I'm Yours"

Breakbot is French. Therefore it is no suprise that he has created some of the grooviest, most sexed-up tracks to ever grace our eardrums. His music makes creatures of all genders, races, species' and/or religious denominations weak at the knees. Seriously, I played this track for my dog once and he started rolling around on the ground and purring like a cat. The track "Baby I'm Yours" is one of Breakbot's most beloved love songs and features some delicious vocals from his partner in crime, Irfane. Forget flowers—play this one for your significant other and you won't even have time to dim the lights.

Kaskade - "I'll Never Dream"

If you're going to do a roundup of some of the sexiest electronic love songs of all-time then you know Kaskade must have a place (or two) on the list. Even though the dude is currently one of the greatest ambassadors of big-room main stage beats, he made a name for himself producing some of the most sultry deep house gems in history, many of which tackle the themes of hearbreak, late nights and the big L.

Mr. Ryan Raddon has always had a knack for pairing his warm, expertly crafted creations with beautiful female vocals, in this case including the likes of American singer/songwriter, Sunsun. The track I've chosen here, "I'll Never Dream" is featured on Kaskade's fit-for-the-bedroom masterpiece, Strobelight Seduction, and is sensual breakup song about trying to forget about those who you just can't get out of your noggin. Motion for Kaskade to get back to making more tracks like this. Motion, seconded.


Daft Punk - "Something About Us"

I know—this one is a bit obvious but I just couldn't resist. Featured on the historic album,


, this song is the quintessential electronic love ballad. Set across one of the most gentle synth lines in history, this song tells a story about finding one's soulmate and defying the odds. And yes, that was probably the corniest thing I have ever written. Enough said.

Giraffage ft. DWNTWN & Jhameel - "Move Me"

This track is a bit more recent and comes from San Francisco's R&B-crazy human space heater, Giraffage, plus a tag-team of vocal work from DWNTWN and Jhameel. Pairing pianos with Zelda bleeps and trap snares has proven, once again, to be a full-proof solution. It's one of the more melancholy cuts to make it into this list, but a worthy pick nonetheless.

Deadmau5 & Kaskade - "I Remember"

We all know that our favorite man in the mouse mask doesn't always come off as the nicest guy in the land but throughout his career he's created some of the most heart-warming progressive house in history. In one of his breakthrough career offerings he teams up with another seasoned Aphroditer, Kaskade, to create a nine-minute synth-a-licious odyssey touching on the task of holding on to sweet memories and honoring the "ones that pulled you through." Awww, Joel you shouldn't have!

Chris Malinchak - "So Good To Me"

This track pretty much put Mr. Malinchak on the map as has been featured everywhere from the official Ultra live stream to the coffee shop on my block and probably an Urban Outfitters or two. This is one of the those tracks that I can't keep my eyes open to; it instantly transports you to a warm beach with blue skies, pretty people and umbrella drinks. Not sure who the producer is talking about in this song but obviously it's someone who he's extremely fond of.



As long as you loving me, loving you?


MaybeChris has a future as a marriage counseler?

Air - "Sexy Boy"

Synth maestros Air are another pair of Frenchmen made famous for creating soft and gentle electronica jams that are oozing with emotion. Their legendary 1998 debut album,

Moon Safari,

is filled with light and airy downtempo jams that will give you goosebumps as they brush past your ear skin. The most beloved track from the album, "Sexy Boy," is about a guy who dreams of being "the ultimate Lothario with the swag of Apollo and dollars in his eyes." Gotta love Google translate.

Moodymann - "I'm Doing Fine"

Detroittechno godfather Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann was probably one of the first artists to master the art of soulful machine music. His iconic album

Black Mahogani

is littered with drawn-out jazzy tales of love and heartbreak. The track "I'm Doing Fine" is a quintessential breakup song about moving on and embracing one's independence. Pretty sure this one could make even Jean Claude Van Demme shed a tear or two.

Aphex Twin - "Windowlicker"

OK I know this one is a somewhat questionable pick but if you dig beneath the surface I think you will see that Richard D James' magnum opus is indeed, a love song. The iconic track is stuffed with samples of sex sounds, groans and other audio artifacts of primal desire. And if you can look past the terrifying facial morphing in the track's iconic music video, maybe you'll see what I mean. I guess this one is somewhat open to one's own interpretation but I like to think that amidst the squealing and spastic breakbeats, Aphex was telling a tale of really wanting to bump and grind on that special someone.

Somehow playing Windowlicker has not helped David find a girlfriend. -@DLGarber