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Infinite Machine is the Most Prolific Label in Canada

The Canadian outpost reflects on three years and over 40 releases.
February 25, 2014, 9:00pm

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Name: Infinite Machine
Vibe: Stoned adolescent robots fiddling with broken beats.
Founded: 2011
Location: Montreal, Canada
Upcoming Releases: In the first semester of the year, we can expect EPs from Liar, Pixelord, Ansome, and Effy.
By the numbers: IM has digitally released 40 EPs, on album, one remix album, and two anniversary compilations since it launched.
Artists-to-watch: Liar, Pixelord, Ansome, Effy, and Seafloor


What's the deal?
Infinite Machine arrived like a dust storm in the desert: no one saw it coming, and suddenly it was everywhere. Although the label launched just three years ago, the crew has already cranked out over 40 releases on its Bandcamp page. Its expansive discography maps the links between future garage, broken beat, house, and techno, with nods to the innovations in dubstep that occurred over the course of the last decade. We caught up with label founder and manager, Charlie.

THUMP: Explain the name.
Charlie: "I wanted to use the word 'machine,' but something was missing. The idea of the label was to release EPs one after another without stopping, so I could put the label in the map in a matter of months. Half of the credit goes to my roommate at the time and partner in crime, producer Seapoint. One day he came out of the bathroom and straight up said, 'Infinite. I think you should add that word to the label name.' I instantly related to it and added it."

What's the scene like in Montreal?
"Montreal is definitely a mecca for electronic music. The city exports numerous acts, styles, and movements—the problem is [in] exposing people to the music. There are a handful of venues and clubs where you can perform—Le Belmont, Stereo, SAT, Blue Dog and Blizzarts—but there's a lack of shows, the reasons for which I personally don't understand. I might be harsh on this one, but promoters are not accessible or supportive [here]. That's why I've been keeping things low-key and I only come out when I have to. That's what everyone does here, and a few of them, including myself, have a sense of union and family with other movements and labels. The audience is very supportive and most of the shows have a special feel and a great vibe."

What is your favorite label, besides Infinite Machine?
"I would say R&S. I love the dark aesthetic of their artists, the design of the tracks, and the productions they release. They are also a home for numerous innovative artists that are constantly making a difference in electronic music and making me evolve and change my vision of music. Names like Pariah and Tessela have [made] a huge impact in my life. Not to mention [the fact that R&S] has been around for 30 years—that is something to admire and respect. "

Matt Earp is the DJ and writer Kid Kameleon. He currently lives in Berlin. Follow him on Twitter @kidkameleon.