We Made Valentine's Day Cards for the DJ in Your Life
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We Made Valentine's Day Cards for the DJ in Your Life

Something for all the sexy selectors out there.

Ah, it's here again! The air is full of the sound of harps, soft kisses on puckered lips, and the constant cries of "it's just commercial bullshit, we don't really celebrate it to be honest." Yet, year on year it can get harder and harder to think of new and inventive ways of acknowledging how much you fancy someone. How can you ever hope to express a personal feeling you share with someone via the same card that is being bought in 8,000 supermarkets up and down the country? How is that box of Milk Tray ever, actually, going to communicate just how much you've come to rely on them, and how much you appreciate them making you Rice Krispies in the morning?


Well, truthfully, it isn't – but if the guy or girl of your dreams happens to be a DJ, or a fan of four-to-the-floor mixers and sweaty nightclubs full of sweaty revellers, then we might have the answer. Inspired by these grime valentine's day cards, we set about making our very own DJ based cards for the sexy selector in your life. Enjoy the best below, and thanks us later… you saucy devils.

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