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SoundCloud Launches Algorithmically Generated Radio Feature, Stations

The streaming service is seemingly gearing up to start competing with Apple Music and Spotify.
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Streaming platform, SoundCloud, launched Stations, a new feature on their app for iOS and Android today. The tool will expand on the already-existing "Related Tracks" feature, which supplies an endless list of algorithmically generated recommendations. It will accomplish this by simplifying its functionality and generating "even better recommendations," according to a blog post on the SoundCloud website.


A station can be generated from just about anything on the site, it seems, including any track, search term, or content stream, as well as from your Collection, which includes your likes and playlists. Your stations will also be integrated into the Collection section of the app.

The timing here seems handy, as Tech Crunch points out, considering that Apple Music have just put their iTunes Radio stations behind a paywall.

SoundCloud has been very open about their plans to begin monetizing their service this year by introducing global advertising and new subscription services, and it's possible that this new function is indicative of that direction. Notably, it follows up their recent "landmark" deal with Universal Music Group, which gave Universal Music Group artists and Universal Music Publishing Group songwriters access to SoundCloud's data, analytics, and promotional tools in exchange for access to UMG and UMPG's combined rosters.

SoundCloud says the Stations feature is live now, so check it out yourself.

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