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Someone's Selling Ben Klock's Berghain Banana On Ebay

The banana is listed as "new, unused and undamaged product in the unopened packaging​."

Today, in the world of house and techno memorabilia, Ben Klock's "original banana" has been put on eBay and is already racking up the bids. The banana, reportedly handed to the seller during the DJ's closing New Year's Eve set at Berghain, is listed as "new, unused and undamaged product in the unopened packaging"—by packaging, we assume they mean a banana peel—and will be listed for the next seven days.


The banana's full back story, translated from German, is as follows:

"SELLING HERE Ben Klock's Original BANANA!
Ben Klock had this Banana with him to consume after his almost 12 hours long Closing Set on January 4th at Berghain / Panorama Bar in Berlin, Germany.
But he did not !!
He handed it to me as a sign of his conscience after remaining Ravers and me begged him to play another load Record
I kissed his hand, He Kissed mine and the Banana was the physical bond of ours, of this moment.
He Explained he had some before and they were delicious;
I believe him, his banana still looks yummy!
I am leaving town soon and can not take care of this precious diamond so Decided to sell it here.
Hope it finds a good home.
Can be used / appreciated in several ways.
Good luck with the auction! "

It remains to be seen whether the banana will reach the heights of Andrew Weatherall's beard (or that Williamsburg bag of air from last year) which soared to more than £50,000 before being removed from sale.

News via Crack Magazine.