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ODESZA's Stark New Video For "It's Only" Tells a Story About "All of Mankind"

"Things happen, good or bad. So it goes."
January 18, 2016, 8:45pm
Image via Vimeo

The Seattle duo of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, aka ODESZA, had a pretty huge year in 2015. They followed up the hype of their 2014 sophomore record In Return with a popular new Little Dragon-featuring single, "Light," as well as a deluxe edition of that LP, all topped off with a sold-out headlining world tour.

If the just-released video for "It's Only" (featuring English artist Zyra) is any indication, it looks like the they aim to keep their momentum going strong into 2016. Directed and written by Seattle-based filmmaker Daniel Brown, it sees the melodic single soundtrack a black-and-white, starkly shot traversal of human history, featuring an astronaut, ancient warriors in battle, a Molotov cocktail-wielding protester, and more.

""It's Only" speaks to something elemental, fire, water, love, but from a viewpoint that seems removed," Brown said in a statement. "Things happen, good or bad. So it goes. This inspired a story about mankind, all of mankind, from the stone age through our bloody past and into the present using that same lens."

Check it out above.

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