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Tangerine Dream Covered Some of the 'Stranger Things' Score

No, you're not in the Upside Down, the German synth titans really did pay tribute to the score they influenced.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein's score for Netflix's sci-fi nostalgia piece Stranger Things sparked a new interest in the sort of synth-heavy instrumentals that bands and producers like Xander Harris, Dixon and Stein's band S U R V I V E, and a host of others have been making unabated for the last half decade or so. The fixation's been so intense that its spawned a number of fawning critical essays, an unplanned vinyl release of the soundtrack, and this weekend, the attention of none other than Tangerine Dream, the German synth titans who're at least partially responsible for the whole scene.


The band—which has consisted of Thorsten Quaeschnine, Hoshiko Yamane, and Ulrich Schnauss, following the death of founder Edgar Froese in 2015—took to their Soundcloud page to post a few tracks titled ";-)" and ";-) II," each of which features art from a generator that mimics the TV show's title card and includes interpolations of the score from the theme. It's a knowing nod from a band that influenced a now-popular crew of musicians (even if none of the members that actually influenced those musicians are part of the band anymore).

Listen to both of the tracks below, via CLRVYNT.