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Glacial Reinterprets Hardcore Lounge with 'Entropy' EP

A crossbreed of Athenian tech and jazz sax makes sweet, sweet dance music.

Glacial is a cross between an Athenian techno house producer and a jazz saxophonist. Comprised of members Giorgios Lemos and Ilan Malnouach, the Greek electronic outfit have a truly unique, minimal sound. Their latest offering is their Entropy EP, set to be released on the newborn label six d.o.g.s Records on February 23.

The new EP is Glacial's first release since their self-titled 2012 debut. Entropy is like a tech house jam session, and takes a more danceable direction than the duo's previous work. The title track "Side A", is a 15 minute techno monster that's accented by a jazzy intro. "Stoya", the B Side, is moodier and more intense, with a groovy loop paving the way.

Listen to the EP in its entirety above. You can grab the Entropy EP on February 23 on six d.o.g.s Records, here.

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