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Livio & Roby Put Their Supernatural Twist on “DT Revival”

The Romanian duo make their One Records debut with some smooth rolling grooves and hypnotic rhythms.
Photo by Felix Huth

Deep in the Romanian wilderness — beyond the foggy wastelands and the drab greyness of the metropolitan district — you'll find the base of two musical wizards who invoke the spirit of the past to transmit a very modern interpretation of their nation's musical traditions.

Livio & Roby have been putting their supernatural twist on house and techno for the past ten years. Dynamic DJ sets, innovative live performances, and a constant flow of cutting-edge productions have made the duo one of their nation's leading lights. With releases on highly influential outlets such as Desolat, VIVa, Saved and Fumakilla, it's easy to see why.


Dropping on September 28 is their debut for One Records: DT Revival. A dynamic UK-based imprint with Adam Shelton and Subb-an at the helm, One Records has been hailed as both a breeding ground for some of Europe's hottest burgeoning talent and a stop for undisputed heavyweights. The label counts names ranging from Alex Arnout to Dan Ghenacia as part of its roster.

The Romanian spirit is evident in all aspects of Livio & Roby's "DT Revival," showcasing tribal rhythms that penetrate your psyche and organic instrumentation that lifts your spirit, as well as groovy basslines and solemn melodies combed to create a magical concoction.

You can pre-order DT Revival here.

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