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Relive Bud Light Digital Dreams: Episode Two

In our second episode, Nervo recount their earliest memories of Toronto while Art Department and Keys N Krates share their hometown glory.

For many artists at Digital Dreams, Toronto is considered home. For others, the city is a reminder of where they found support at the beginning of their careers. After nowhere near enough sleep to recover from our hangovers, we returned to Bud Light Digital Dreams for an even more bass-driven day of boozing, watching girls fail at crowd-surfing, and tank top tan lines.

In our second episode of THUMP reLIVING, Nervo recount their earliest memories of Toronto and reminisce about one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring sets of all time at Digital Dreams: a journey from dusk to dark in front of a swarming horde of excited partiers. Hometown boys Keys N Krates then shed light on the intense energy created inside House of Boom-the drum and bass tent at Digital Dreams-and how the experiences it creates differentiate the festival from so many others. In this episode, we also celebrate five years of record label No. 19 with Art Department at their very own waterfront stage.


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