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NORTHMIX: Kings of the North

Forget your namastes and kombucha teas, today's stress relief comes in the form of Kings of the North.

Galen Allan and Alex Viau may be separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but to the duo, distance is surely just a state of mind.

Together as Kings of the North, Allan and Viau have cultivated a SoundCloud page dedicated to music discovery. With one-half based in Toronto and the other in the UK, their influences are diverse and limitless. Kings of the North aim to enlighten listeners to the innovative music they've personally stumbled upon and fallen for. Whether it's their consistent mixtapes rife with unreleased music, their Mondaze series, or their mix efforts via their Revival series, Kings of the North are clearly not hindered by the miles between them.


"The mix is a little darker than usual, but that is just the space we're in right now due to the DJs we're listening to," says the duo.

"We still wanted to stay true to what we love to do, which is to give people the songs that we're listening to and combining them in a way that allows the listener to escape. We've always felt that music possesses transformative properties, whether on the dance floor or deep in your eardrums. Songs can be presented in concert with each other in a way that allows you to leave your negativity behind. It can calm the soul. It's stress relief, really. We're probably adding years to people's lives."

Forget your namastes and kombucha teas, today's stress relief comes conveniently packaged in a new edition of Northmix courtesy of Kings of the North.

Kings of the North is on Facebook // SoundCloud

Pier Bucci - Tita (INTRO)
Justin Jay & Kill Frenzy - Momentum
andhim - Domplatte
Lake People - Lamb Shift
Kevin Over - Basic Cut
Astin - Dejected (Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix)
Roman Flugel - Sliced Africa
Ashworth - Boa
Sable Sheep - Paranoidal
Kry Wolf - Church Road Shuffle
Alli Borem - Continuum Gate
Sante - We Came
Kaiserdisco - Jet Stream
Royksopp - I Had This Thing (Joris Voorn Remix)