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Rabit's Halcyon Veil Drops Compilation with Tracks from Janus and NAAFI Artists

The six-track record includes contributions from Bekelé Berhanu and Zutzut.
April 14, 2016, 6:28pm
Album artwork courtesy of the label

Tri Angle artist Rabit continues to promote unique, under heard artists on his Halcyon Veil imprint. The label's latest release, Conspiración Progresso, is a 6-track compilation showcasing the forward-thinking styles of Berlin's Janus crew and was curated by Jim C. Nedd of Progresso, a Milan club night. Featured artists include Bekelé Berhanu, NAAFI-label artist Zutzut, and Berlin producer Draveng. Conspiración Progresso marks the fourth release from Rabit's imprint, after previously releasing works by Myth and Angel-HO, among others.


According to Boomkat, the vinyl version also includes "an unknown bonus track by a mysterious operator." Conspiración Progresso is available now digitally and limited to 300 copies on vinyl.

On May 14, the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy Festival will welcome Rabit, along with NAAFI label artists such as Zutzut, for their NON vs. NAAFI party in New York.