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Listen to The Juan MacLean and Tim Sweeney's Remix of 80s UK Acid House Oddity "Cortina Kidz"

The overlooked MacDonald Flak And The Ack Ack Pack track gets a Balearic rework.
Tim Brinkhurst photo courtesy of mr. intl

Hercules & Love Affair's Andy Butler has reissued a little-known UK acid house oddity by MacDonald Flak And The Ack Ack on his label mr.intl, with new remixes by London dance-punk band Factory Floor, and a pairing of Beats In Space's Tim Sweeney and DFA Records artist the Juan MacLean.

"Cortina Kidz" came out in 1988 on a 7" single, with the minor hit "Jack Me Some Crack" on the flip side, but failed to take off in the era's rave scene. The original was produced by Tim Brinkhurst, who today manages Scottish group Young Fathers.

"We released a double A side 7" single with two specially written, 'throw-away' tracks, a few weeks before the Virgin deal," explains Brinkhurst in a press release. "One of these was 'Cortina Kidz,' recorded on a 4 track Portastudio and sung with passion by our friend Simon Waller utilisutiliing the unique and glorious tones of a Roland MT-32 sound module, it was a little electro-mod/psycho-drama. The single was meant to be released then disappear, it quickly sold out and that was that, for 28 years, until I was contacted from out of the blue by these mad fuckers who wanted to re-release Cortina Kidz!"

Listen to Sweeney and the Juan MacLean's chugging Balearic rework of the track below, and buy the EP here.

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