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Listen To Your Favorite Song Forever With The Infinite Jukebox

The repeat button just met its match.

You know when you listen to a song and you enjoy it so much you hit repeat. Again. And again. And again until the neighbors/your partner/roommate tells you to shut the hell up and stop playing the track or they’ll nuke it out of existence. Well, Paul Lamere has created a web app called The Infinite Jukebox that lets you do this without annoying the crap out of people, allowing you to “create a never-ending and ever-changing version of any song”.


To create this Escherian soundscape, you upload a track which then gets broken down into individual beats. These are then analyzed and matched to similar sounding beats in the song. When the song plays, it jumps to these similar sounding beats to ensure your listening pleasure continues forever, forking off into different paths and parts of the song, which are shown in the accompanying visualization (like the ones above).

Because the beats are similar, the idea is that you don’t notice when it jumps, meaning you can happily sit there listening endlessly to your top tune while you wait for the end of time itself. Although, I tried uploading Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” and I don’t think it liked it, because it’s been saying “analyzing audio…” for half an hour.