This story is over 5 years old.


Never See A "Real" Ad In Time Square Again

Walk though the brightest and most abrasive place in Manhattan and see street art instead of advertising plastered all over the place.

It’s probably safe to say that advertising will never disappear, in fact, it’s only going to become more subtle and pervasive. While we can’t see America ever banning outdoor billboard advertising, let alone in the capital of capitalism that is Time Square in NYC, The Heavy Projects and PublicAdCampaign have found a way to turn billboards into exhibition spaces for street artists.

Curated by Jordan Seiler (of PublicAdCampaign), the pieces by Ron English, John Fekner, razor-toting Poster Boy, Dr. D and Ox can be viewed by using the AR | AD Takeover channel on the Junaio application. We bet an app like this would work best in a city like São Paulo who put a near complete ban on outdoor advertising back in 2007… there’s nothing like a blank canvas to showcase underappreciated and nearly always temporary art.