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Watch A Robot Perform The "Evolution Of Dance"

You thought you had seen it all, but you haven’t seen this NAO robot’s sweet, sweet dance moves.
July 13, 2012, 4:35pm

Remember that Evolution of Dance viral vid from a few years back? Sure you do. The grainy home video footage of “inspirational comedian” Judson Laipply performing a dance mash-up weaving together signature moves from Elvis’ hound dog days up through the boy band era has made its way around the internet more than a few times, racking up close to 200 million views in the process. Well, get ready for a 2.0 upgrade starring the NAO robot.

We first fell in love with these cute little bots from Aldebaran Robotics at Coachella 2011, when we brought a whole fleet of them to entertain the sunburnt festival-going masses at our Creators Project tent. We’ve also seen them do stand-up and perform in burlesque shows in the work of social roboticist Heather Knight. This, however, may be NAO’s pièce de résistance—Laipply’s got nothing on his dance moves.