Weekly Horoscope: June 21 - 27

There's a full moon in Capricorn.
June 21, 2021, 2:55pm
Robin Eisenberg

Our vision and our values are aligned as Venus harmonizes with Neptune on Monday, June 21, at 9:57 AM. This brings peace and even a little healing to our relationships. Things are smoothed over and dissolved. A mystical, romantic flair is invited into creative pursuits.

Mercury retrograde is finally over on Tuesday, June 22, at 6:00 PM—but not so fast! The time that Mercury retrograde ends is usually the most difficult because the planet appears to halt in the sky. Information is not moving, so be extra patient.


On Wednesday, June 23, at 6:11 AM, the sun harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, bringing forward progress to the opportunities that we’ve been afforded since Jupiter entered Pisces in mid-March. Jupiter is freshly retrograde, so this may be more like a review of the direction that things are headed. Some access is being granted based on trust and good faith. Trust is also being tested and built as love planet Venus faces off with shady Pluto at 7:39 PM, also on Wednesday. Secrets desires are realized and some yucky feelings and power dynamics are recognized so that they can be released.

The full moon in Capricorn lands on Thursday, June 24, at 2:39 PM. The moon in Capricorn wants to take responsibility for its own feelings since Capricorn is the provider of the zodiac, so this lunation brings material results. Appropriate activities include reparenting yourself, forgiving your family, or viewing your caretakers in a more human and flawed light.

Neptune, the planet of beliefs, begins its retrograde on Friday, June 25, at 3:21 PM. Outer planets spend most of the time retrograde, so their retrograde periods are not felt as much as the days that they station retrograde or direct. Expect to cringe about past trends that you followed or things that you once believed. It’s OK; no one remembers but you.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters fire sign Leo on Sunday, June 27 at 12:26 AM. While Venus in Cancer’s style is more modest and buttoned up, Venus in Leo favors bold choices and fearless self-expression. This is a time to be more conscious of the role of the individual in relationships.


All times ET.


Your imagination is a place of pleasure and grace as love planet Venus harmonizes with Neptune this week. This can bring a deep spiritual bonding in your relationships, both with your family and the people that you let into your private world. This is also a time when you can be more sensitive and open, so spend time with people you want to connect with. Misunderstandings, technological glitches, and miscommunications will be alleviated as Mercury retrograde ends! But first, you get a moment to pause and think about agreements you have made. There’s a full moon in Capricorn that’s perfect for showing off your accomplishments. You have a lot to be proud of, Aries, and you deserve whatever you feel you need.


Love gets a fantastical twist as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune. Make sure the fairy tales that you’re inviting into your relationships are more beautiful than grim. Emotions are very strong. Mercury retrograde ends, finally helping you untangle some of your financial and shopping mistakes. Venus faces off with power planet Pluto, bringing up issues of jealousy and mistrust. This is a make-or=break aspect for relationships. If people can work things out, they’re able to come out of it stronger, otherwise it can create a power imbalance. The full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn has you sharing your thoughts and beliefs. Venus moves into your house of home and family, putting you in the mood to connect to your roots.


The past few weeks have been bringing more miscommunications your way, but now that your planetary ruler Mercury ends its retrograde, you can take a second to reflect before moving forward, this time with your head screwed on right. You’re changing your mind, and people just have to deal with it. You’re allowed to change your mind once you learn something new! The full moon illuminates your chart’s house of shared resources, bringing what you are owed into focus. This is a time when you can recognize how others have been generous with you. Your intuition about other people’s needs is sharpened. As Neptune begins its retrograde, you’re reflecting on your beliefs about your career and melding into the way you want to be perceived in your field.


It’s easy to indulge in something whimsical and romantic as Venus, the planet of love, harmonizes with dreamy Neptune this week. This can bring sparkle and imagination into your love life or self-image. You can step into different roles, embracing the transcendental power of a costume. Cancer season is off to a positive start as the sun harmonizes with lucky Jupiter, making it easier to believe in yourself. Have faith in the bigger picture! Trust is being tested in your relationships as Venus faces off with power planet Pluto, which can bring up issues around jealousy and control. The full moon in Capricorn invites you to be the bigger person, and to let go of relationship patterns that do not serve you or your partners.


People are finally better equipped to stick with the program as Mercury retrograde ends! Social plans and parties are less fazed by miscommunications and delays, and you can move forward with your objectives now that you’ve had some time to reorganize your thoughts. Cancer season is a private and calm time for you to spend time alone, relaxing. The sun harmonizes with lucky Jupiter, bringing you some encouragement to have faith in the unknown. Try to think the best of people. The full moon falls in your chart’s house of health and work, bringing your lifestyle the attention it deserves. The planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters your sign, making it as good a time as ever to take some headshots or find a haircut that suits you.


Relationships find emotional purpose as Venus, the planet of love and values, harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of beliefs. There is a strong faith in the future that you share with others, and strong empathy deepens the connection with your partners. Your planetary ruler Mercury ends its retrograde, bringing communications to a screeching halt before they move forward again. You’ve been reflecting on what you want to be known for, and now it’s time to move forward with your head screwed on right. The full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn finds you reaping the rewards of pleasure seeking. Let your hair down! As Neptune retrograde begins, you’re reflecting on your ideals in partnerships and seeing how strongly your partners can influence you.


Your career and your public, outward appearance are finally aligning with your beliefs as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with Neptune. You can shape shift a little here in order to fit whatever role or authority you like. The sun harmonizes with lucky Jupiter and you’re growing, getting more recognition for the effort that you put in. Your planetary ruler Venus  faces off with power planet Pluto, which could make other people jealous of your accomplishments, creating tension that might not be worth entertaining. The full moon falls in your house of home and family, calling your attention to your private life. Regardless of your popularity, you need to find grounding. Venus enters fire sign Leo, and your social life becomes more engaging.


Gone are the days of wrongfully interpreting something just because the information is absent: Mercury retrograde is over! This Mercury retrograde had you more dependent on others for insights and payments, which might have been frustrating, but it’s all coming back around now that Mercury is direct. The full moon in Capricorn brings you a closer connection to the women in your life. Conversations illuminate repressed emotions. There is also a better understanding of the fine print in any sort of contract. The planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters your house of fame and public reputation, attracting positive attention to your accomplishments. This is a time when you can be not just appreciated, but adored for your impact!


Affairs in your partners’ lives have been throwing you for a loop since Mercury retrograde began. Luckily, Mercury retrograde ends this week and your partners are finally able to communicate all of the important details clearly. But first, things come to a pause. You’re not going to get all of the information you want right away, so be patient! The full moon lights up your house of personal resources, finding you looking at everything you have to be grateful for. This is a time when you can take inventory of your things and even make plans to share or give away some stuff that you no longer need. The planet of beliefs, Neptune, begins its retrograde, bringing up old stories and memories from childhood. It’s a time to forgive your past self for the ways that they misunderstood the world.


You are able to be vulnerable and open with others as love planet Venus harmonizes with Neptune, a planet that melts boundaries. Mutual care brings your guard down. Neptune encourages forgiveness and allows you to see your bonds with others from a cosmic perspective. Issues with work and health have been taking much longer than usual, but Mercury retrograde ends this week! You’ve learned a lot about how to move your schedule around and how to play it by ear. Now, things are moving forward again and hopefully old issues have been settled. You have increased faith in others as the sun harmonizes with optimistic Jupiter, but you’re confronting the urge to be in control as love planet Venus faces off with power planet Pluto, bringing up deeper, cyclical issues. The full moon in your sign invites you to give yourself a hug and allow yourself to have everything you need to heal and nurture yourself.


The people that you had a thing with in the past came back into your inbox during Mercury retrograde, because there was some unfinished business to take care of. Now that Mercury retrograde is over, you can move forward, hopefully having settled what was previously left open-ended. The full moon in your house of solitude and rest puts you in a place where you need to confront things that have been left on the back burner for too long. This might include getting enough rest or simply wrapping up loose ends. With the planet of love and values, Venus, moving into your house of relationships, you’re ready to attract partners that align with what you desire.


There’s been some confusion and delays in your home and family life, but that’s coming to an end because Mercury retrograde is over! This gives you time to pause and think about the things that have been up for review over the past few weeks, and move forward with an enriched inner monologue. You’re pushing beyond your personal boundaries as the sun harmonizes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, the planet of growth. Self-expression comes effortlessly, and you are bubbly, funny, and delightful to be around. The full moon illuminates your house of community and friendships, giving you a deeper, more holistic understanding of the network that you are a part of. As Neptune retrograde begins, forgive yourself for the embarrassing things you’ve done in the past.

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