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The Best Outdoor Gear Sales for Memorial Day

From camping gear and woodland apparel to forest footwear, fire pits, and more, here are the best Memorial Day 2022 outdoor gear sales.
The Best Outdoor Gear Sales Memorial Day 2022
Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

Picture it: You’re drunk-watching House Hunters, shouting at Randy and Jim to go with option two (they’re not gonna use that third bedroom, anyway) when, as always is the case, they go with Option Lame. You’re disappointed, but you gotta give it to them—that $300/month price tag for a 16-bedroom mansion in the mountains isn’t so bad, and that massive outdoor space is pretty sweet. Actually, it’s very sweet, and now you’re thinking What am I doing living in the city? 


Now, before you start looking around at your tiny apartment that costs significantly more per month than that palatial Adirondack adventure home, consider this: You can get out in nature whenever you want! You can take a road trip, hop a train, ride a bus, or hang out on the fire escape to enjoy all of Mother Earth’s splendor from your home base in Big City, USA. (Plus, those country folk don’t even have painted-over wall sockets, indoor rodent “friends,” or leaky radiators! Chumps.)

All kidding aside, we’re going to be socializing outdoors big time this summer, which is why we put together this nifty lil’ list of some of our favorite Memorial Day deals on outdoor gear. If you’ve been on the fence about that sweet pair of summer shorts or haven’t updated your camping arsenal in a while, now is the time—if you want to save some cash, that is. (You know you’re going to end up buying something one way or another.) 

So, without further ado, here are the best outdoor gear deals for you to get equipped to get outside.

Backcountry is offering up to 50% off a wide selection of gear and apparel for camping, hiking, bicycling, road trippin', and more, until May 31. 


BioLite, which makes super cool fire pits and other off-the-grid wares, is offering 25% off everything.

GoSun is throwing a Memorial Day Sale with 20% off its solar-powered outdoor gear, from sun ovens and solar coolers to power banks, heated blankets, lights, kettles, and more.

Huckberry will be giving its shoppers up to 35% off for Memorial Day from May 25–30.

Outer is offering up to $1,000 off its outdoor sofas and furniture with code MEMDAY2022 at checkout.

REI has its biggest sale of the year, with up to 30% off a ton of gear and clothing.

Solo Stove is offering up to 45% off its safe, portable fire pits

That’s not all—check out the full list of MDW sales and savings here.

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