Everybody Loves Lady Dimitrescu, the Giant Woman in 'Resident Evil Village'

Capcom absolutely knew what they were doing when they designed Lady Dimitrescu.
Screenshot from 'Resident Evil Village', Lady Dimitrescu, a tall, pale woman wearing a long white gown and a large brimmed hat, is flanked by three women dressed in black, all looking menacingly down at the camera.
Image courtesy of Capcom

A new Resident Evil game is just over the horizon, and the preview machine is in full swing. Trailers, live streams, and finally a demo have all been released, and the internet is abuzz, but not necessarily about how frightening the game looks, or what the combat might be like, oh no. So much of the buzz is about the main antagonist of this game, Lady Dimitrescu. The exceptionally tall, fabulously dressed, and probably vampiric woman has people far and wide in her very large grasp, and plenty of them are more than ok with that. We discuss the new Resident Evil Village Demo, GameStop’s wild stock market fight, and more on this episode of Waypoint Radio.


Discussed: GameStop Stocks 0:58, Resident Evil VIII Demo 13:52, Suzerain 40:39, Loop Hero 56:51, Omori 1:05:31, Cyber Shadow 1:16:17

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