Burn Away 2020 With This Interactive Dumpster Fire

Send an email to this website and it’ll burn your troubles away live, in a dumpster.

We all love to throw a roaring fire channel on YouTube and let it sing us to sleep during the holidays. But 2020 has been a nightmare. It’s been a dumpster fire. The best thing to do is write down your troubles in an email and send it along to a website that will burn them away in a literal dumpstire. Thankfully, there’s a website for that.

From the hours of 9AM to 9PM CST, will collect any email you send its way and burn it in an active dumpster fire. “Can email be a conduit for catharsis? If you could type out an email, press send, and see it being consumed in an actual dumpster fire, would it help reclaim a little bit of what we've lost?” The website explained. “Let’s find out.”


The process is simple. Send an email to with a message or an attached picture you want to see burned away in the fire. Then watch the live feed as your message is printed out and moved up a conveyor belt and dropped into the roiling flames. “Experience catharsis,” the website said.

Dumpster Fire is a publicity stunt by, an email provider. But it’s a good one. There’s something about watching painful, silly, and strange messages slide into the fire. Also, is purchasing carbon offsets via Cool Effect to negate the CO2 its creating by helping you achieve catharsis.

If you miss your particular burn, don’t worry because the dumpster fire website will send you a clip after the deed is done. The footage of the burning plays over chill beats so it’s nice to watch. This morning I’ve witnessed a message about someone’s low self esteem go up in smoke, a nice message from Vancouver burn away, and a Donald Trump tweet combust.

I’ve sent along a picture of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. I’m waiting to watch it burn. It’s a good way to spend the week of Thanksgiving.