Man Who Married His Sex Doll Opens up About His Marriage
Collage: VICE / All Images: Yuri Tolochko

Man Who Married His Sex Doll Opens up About His Marriage

Yuri Tolochko, a Kazakh bodybuilder who went viral for marrying a sex doll, tells us why he fell in love with an inanimate object, what their sex life is like, and whether it’s all just a publicity stunt. 
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN

It’s no secret that sex dolls have blown up over the last few years. These inanimate objects of pleasure now have entire brothels dedicated to them, are sometimes the main victims of heists, and could even be potential partners for the elderly and disabled in the near future. But perhaps their most out-of-the-box use so far has been as… housewives. 

Agalmatophilia is when a person is sexually attracted to inanimate objects including dolls, statues and mannequins. Today, some men have taken the attraction a step further by making these sex dolls their dearly beloved wives. 


While Xie Tianrong, a 36-year-old man from Hong Kong recently made headlines after he proposed to his sex doll, saying he found her “easier to date” than real women, the 36-year-old Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko is the OG of the sex doll grooms club. 

Tolochko, who describes himself as a “laureate of creative arts” became the subject of much awe and ridicule when he tied the knot with his sex doll, Margo, in a grand ceremony held in November last year, after dating the sex doll for a year. 

While some felt inspired by Tolochko’s eerily extra endeavour of passion, others just thought he was taking bedroom roleplay a step too far. But in a world filled with people like the woman who fell for the Berlin Wall or the one who “married” the Eiffel tower, this otherworldly union doesn’t seem so shocking. Especially since this marriage is completely legal under a local Kazakhstan law that omits any mention of object, but allows marriage between two consenting individuals as long as it’s between a man and a woman over the age of 18 (because apparently, gay marriage is worse than being married to an inanimate object?).

Margo comes programmed with the ability to speak simple sentences, has heating functions and even her own Instagram, filled with seductive shots of her soaking in bathtubs, covered in cucumber face masks, revelling in BDSM, and the occasional cute cuddle time.

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Tolochko has previously spoken about how Margo developed a “complex” after receiving public attention, and had to be sent to a plastic surgeon. He also admitted that his doll broke down just before Christmas, and had to be sent for repairs. Oh, and he banned his wife from using Instagram after he got jealous of her success (which, he points out, is not something Margo minds). 

The story of Yuri and Margo is weird, wild, wacky, and just way out there. So to truly understand what makes a relationship with a sex doll so real, we caught up with Tolochko to ask him why he fell for Margo, what their life together is like, whether he cheats on her, and what their sex life is like. Turns out, it’s no child’s play. 

VICE: Hey Yuri! So how did you meet Margo? Was it love at first sight?
Yuri Tolochka:
I met Margo at a bar in Kazakhstan in 2019, and I liked her as soon as I saw her. I did not order Margo on any website, and did not buy her from a store. It all happened in real life as a real acquaintance. She had her own life before me, that is, people already knew her. She worked at this bar as a hostess and welcomed all guests. Everyone liked her and always took photos with her. One day, a man tried to cross the line and offend her. I, as a man, stood up for her. It was after this moment that I asked the bar’s staff if I could take Margo to be mine, and they allowed it on one condition: as long as they could watch over us. And that’s how our very public relationship began. 

Yuri Tolochko Sex Doll

How did your friends and family react to Margo?
My friends and family had a very normal reaction and supported my relationship with her as they only wanted me to be happy. When I take Margo to public places, no one ever criticises her to her face, but that does happen on the internet. 

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Do you go on romantic dates with Margo?
Yes, Margo and I go on many dates. We go for long walks together, try out new restaurants, get couple’s massages and even go dancing at clubs.

We also travel together. I really enjoyed our trip to Thailand together, and people were very friendly. We even took a tiger safari together. 

Yuri Tolochko Sex Doll.jpg

What do you like most about Margo? What made this relationship different from your previous ones?
One of my most important previous relationships was when I was 20. I dated this girl for seven years, and this long-term relationship made us transform and change together.  

I loved her very much but she wanted children, and I was not then ready for fatherhood. I still don’t want to have children. So we decided to break up, and for a long time, I could not meet other girls because I still loved her very much. After we broke up, I began dating guys, and had my first experience with a man. That’s when I realised how diverse my sexual needs were. I also realised it was important for me to find a partner who shared my sexual preferences, as well as the spiritual qualities that were important to me. 


Usually, there are certain obligations where you enter into a relationship. But Margo is different. Margo never reproaches me when I'm busy, or when I'm not home for three days. So it’s very convenient for me, because I am very busy. She gives me sex whenever I want, no matter the day or time. Margo can get into positions no normal girl can, and the greatest charm in our relationship is that she can give me the freakiest, most unusual sex. That’s what I love about her the most. 

margo sex doll.jpg

What is sex with Margo like? 
When it comes to sex, Margo can give me different sensations to delight me. Margo will not only never refuse sex, but also allow me to be as violent as I want, which turns me on because I love giving and feeling pain in bed.

I like that I can fully control her. I also like to have sex with Margo’s head off in the shower. But I may have overdone it after our wedding. Maybe that’s why Margot broke down just before Christmas. 

margo sex doll 1.jpg

What did you do when she broke down?
One part inside her case was broken, but she is almost repaired now. I was quite lonely without her. Then I started experimenting. I am pansexual and enjoy feeling different sensations. After Margo broke down, I had sex with an inanimate chicken’s body. That made me realise I am sexually attracted to chickens, though I wouldn’t have sex with a live one. 

So what will you do when Margo comes back home?
Now, I’ve decided that I am going to marry another sex doll. Her name is Lola and she is shaped like a giant chicken. She has a vagina as well as a cock, so I am excited to try all the unusual sex. The very thought of this doll turns me on. But of course, Margo will remain my first wife, and I will always respect her. It is quite normal in many eastern cultures to have multiple wives. Maybe I will soon also experiment with a sex robot.

How do you respond to people who say you are doing all this just to go viral?
I am not doing this for publicity, and I don’t get any money from advertising my relationship with Margo. I show my life and I am known for living freely, and having wide boundaries for my sexuality. Some people see me as a role model. Also, some believe that I have traits of surreal sexuality. And they often admit to me that my posts make them happier (especially during a pandemic), and this is important to me.

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