Signal’s CEO Steps Down Just As the App Starts Allowing Crypto Trades

The popular encrypted messaging app is going through changes.
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Signal, the app, is synonymous with security. The end-to-end encrypted messaging platform is a go-to for discerning people who want to keep their communications private. Just remember to turn on the vanishing messages feature. But it’s CEO is stepping down. Moxie Marlinspike is out  and Whatsapp’s Brian Acton is in.

Motherboard staff writer Joseph Cox is on the show this week to talk to us about the changes at Signal, the history of end-to-end encryption, and what Marlinspike thinks of web3. It’s also the subject of his article, WhatsApp Co-Founder Is the New Acting CEO of Signal.

Cox sticks around for Cypher where we discuss the incredible news that marijuanna may be able to help prevent COVID-19, why PS5 restock accounts are helping people find COVID-19 tests, and how someone scraped massive amounts of personal data from a database used by private investigators.

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