Weekly Horoscope: January 24 - 30

Venus retrograde comes to an end.
Robin Eisenberg

Action planet Mars enters Capricorn, where it has an easy time doing its job, at 7:52 AM on Monday, January 24. Use the coming weeks to take on projects and tasks that require focus, willpower, and energy! People can push through anything right now.

Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn on Tuesday, January 25, at 10:04 PM: Thoughts become more grounded in the material world and less conceptual or imaginative. Mercury meets with power planet Pluto once again on Friday, January 28, at 11:16 PM, giving us a second thought about what’s lurking in the corners.


Venus retrograde ends on Saturday, January 29, at 3:45 AM. The past 40 days were a period of reconsidering desires and values, but now there is a moment of pause to reflect on beauty, desire, art, and relationships.

This weekend’s vibe is spontaneous and funky as the sun clashes with Uranus, the planet of rebellion, on Sunday, January 30, at 2:31 PM. Look out for restlessness!

All times ET.

Aries horoscope for January 24 - 30

People are recognizing you for what you do, and your achievements are seen from afar as action planet Mars enters your chart’s fame sector. You’re making waves, Aries! You can hear back from old employers, bosses, or mentors as messenger Mercury retrogrades into your career sector. You have the motivation to impress them. As Venus retrograde ends, take some time to consider how you vibe with the legacy you’re carving out for yourself and future generations. You’re eager to invest in radical change as the sun clashes with Uranus, giving you a spark of energy toward your goals and political beliefs.

Taurus horoscope for January 24 - 30

You’re going the distance as action planet Mars enters fellow earth sign Capricorn, giving you the endurance to reach distant places and ideas. This is a time to stand for what you believe in and take steps toward making things right. Your planetary ruler Venus ends its retrograde, which is an ideal time to reflect on your desires and values. Things will move forward over the coming weeks, but for now the conversation is still. You are ready to make the impossible happen as the sun clashes with Uranus, bringing you a flash of creative inspiration as you make order out of chaos.


Gemini horoscope for January 24 - 30

Aquarius season shows you the fullest extent of your intellectual and physical reaches. You might be looking into traveling far away or formalizing your skillset. But right now, your planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde, which makes you more introspective. Mercury retrogrades into your chart’s house of shared resources, making you remember things that you owe people, or maybe reminding you to share what you have with others. This could be a good time to meditate on the cure to FOMO, even if you’re not the one getting it—you might be able to help guide someone who is chronically jealous!

Cancer horoscope for January 24 - 30

Motivation comes from your relationships as action planet Mars enters your chart’s house of partnerships. Old conversations with partners come back into the picture as Mercury retrogrades back into the same house, too. This time you’re going to have a lot of zest to address these things! It’s synergistic. Venus retrograde gave you the space to consider what you value in relationships, and now you can take a moment to pause and reflect on the past 40 days. What new dynamics do you want to take on in order to bring more trust into your partnerships?

Leo horoscope for January 24 - 30

Aquarius season highlights your relationships, Leo—all of them! Everyone that you stand on the same ground with, including your enemies, are brought into your field of vision. You’re bringing warmth and your spirit to others to defrost during these colder months. The sun clashes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, and you’re ready to do something totally different when it comes to your relationships—it might even come as a shock! This creates a dynamic that you never thought was possible, but now the way has been forged. You’re still keeping busy in your chores and health, though, with five astrological points in your chart’s house of routines this week.


Virgo horoscope for January 24 - 30

While your focus may be on productivity and routine, you are still taking pleasure just as seriously. Action planet Mars enters a social sector of your chart, bringing you more motivation to flirt and have fun! This can boost libido and give you a lust for life. Your planetary ruler Mercury retrogrades back into fellow earth sign Capricorn, urging you to remember things that bring you joy. As Venus, the planet of love and values, ends its retrograde, take a moment to meditate on your desires. In this stillness you can recognize what you enjoy and what you think looks good, too.

Libra horoscope for January 24 - 30

Aquarius season gives you more space for fun and games, but there is still so much happening at home! Action planet Mars enters your domestic sector, bringing strength and focus to take on home-related tasks. Mercury retrogrades back into this sector as well, reminding you of conversations that have been slowly panning out over the retrograde period. As Venus ends its retrograde, take time to meditate on your deepest desires, free from external influence. There is a place where desires reach their limits. You might even become aware of how your values about aging were inherited from your parents or the generations before them, too.

Scorpio horoscope for January 24 - 30

Your mental agility is unmatched as action planet Mars enters your chart’s communication sector. The coming weeks give you the strength to take on any intellectual feat. A tome of a book, series, podcast, or organizing activity can be powered through with diligence. Aquarius season gives you a lot of time and space at home to rest and focus on your private life away from the hustle of the outside world, so a long book or remote learning course could be your winter activity. Either way, you’re sharpening your skills! As the planet of desires, Venus, ends its retrograde, take time to meditate on thoughts around femininity. You’re inspired to try something different, even unconventional, in your relationships as the sun clashes with Uranus, the planet of invention!


Sagittarius horoscope for January 24 - 30

Aquarius season is a very mentally active time for you as the sun moves through an intellectual sector of your chart associated with learning, research, and short journeys. It’s busy, both in your mind and outside it! The sun clashes with Uranus, and you make a motion to bring order to the chaos of your day-to-day schedule. This could be a time when you are implementing something unconventional or unexpected into your routine or habits, which help bring you peace of mind. There is still a large focus on your financial life, though, with five astrological points in your chart’s financial sector.

Capricorn horoscope for January 24 - 30

Aquarius season brings your focus to all of your most valuable resources: money, time, and sentimental items. While you’re thinking about your treasures, there is still much focus on you, individually, as five astrological points are in your sign this week! Action planet Mars enters your sign, giving you super strength to address any of your goals. Your focus is sharp, even though Mercury is retrograde. Mercury retrogrades back into your sign, giving you another chance at expressing yourself more clearly. As Venus retrograde ends, take a moment to meditate on beauty standards and your own definition of what looks and feels good for you.

Aquarius horoscope for January 24 - 30

You’re taking steps toward personal accountability as the sun clashes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. There are things that are out of control, but you’re making changes that can bring order into your life, and by extension, other’s lives as well. Your leadership skills are coming into play, and you are being looked to as an influence or even authority. What is happening right now is a feat of courage and strength in the face of chaos. There is a lot to unpack psychologically with Mercury, the planet of the mind, retrograding into your chart’s house of mental health and the subconscious. You might be exploring parts of your psyche that are shady and sometimes difficult to pinpoint.

Pisces horoscope for January 24 - 30

Aquarius season means it’s time for hibernation! The month before your birthday is always marked by wrapping up loose ends, and secretly working on something that’s coming out next month. As Venus ends its retrograde in your chart’s house of hopes, dreams, and friendships, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on what you want from your future, and how your values are shaping the way you approach your goals. This can also give you insight into what types of friendships suit you the most. Motivation to spearhead your tasks comes as action planet Mars moves into a place in your chart that signifies objectives. You might be in a bunker, but the heat is on full blast!

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