Brazilian Politicians Are Now Settling Disputes With MMA Fighting

The two politicians had been arguing over a waterpark project and decided to settle things by getting in the ring.
brazil Simão Peixoto Erineu Alves Da Silva
Brazilian politicians Simão Peixoto and Erineu Alves Da Silva decided to settle a dispute over a waterpark in the ring. (Screenshot via Facebook @prefeitosimaopeixoto)

Two politicians in Brazil settled a dispute with their fists over the weekend, in a three-round MMA-style brawl that went viral around the country.

The match pitted Simão Peixoto, a 39-year-old mayor, against former councilor Erineu Alves Da Silva, aged 45. The two had been feuding over a waterpark project and taking shots at each other in the local press and social media for months, and decided the best way to settle their beef was a good old-fashioned fight.


In September, Silva challenged the mayor to a fistfight, calling him a “crook” and blaming him for allegedly failing to conserve a waterpark on a river that passes Borba, where Peixoto is mayor, according to the Guardian.

Peixoto eventually agreed to the fight but only if it was organized properly inside a ring, saying he was the mayor, and “not a street fighter.”

The fight finally happened in the early hours of Sunday morning in the gymnasium of a local school, and was live-streamed on the mayor's Facebook account.

Surrounded by onlookers, the two politicians entered the ring around 2:30 am. Video of the fight shows the mayor debuting to a Brazilian pop ballad called “Um Novo Vencedor”—A New Winner. Peixoto then approached Silva, and ran his finger across his neck, in a gesture signifying the decapitation of his rival.

The three-round battle started with Silva aggressively going at the mayor with leg kicks, until Peixoto connected with a right jab knocking his opponent to the ground. The mayor then pounced on him, pinning him to the ground while landing a few more punches. But the momentum changed quickly after that, with Silva flipping the mayor and landing several blows of his own.


The men then proceeded to land several punches and kicks on each other until the first round ended. The two politicians’ lack of professional training was obvious, as both men appeared tired and worn out quickly. Through the remainder of the two rounds, their kicks and punches were sloppy and rigid, but seemingly effective as the fight slowed down as it continued.

Although Silva seemed to have the upper hand in the final two rounds, landing numerous kicks on the mayor before the bout ended, when the judges gave their final call, Mayor Peixoto was declared the winner.

Local media were surprised by the result.

“The mayor took such a beating, his jaw dropped,” wrote Fato Amazônico. The local news website then expressed shock that Silva “lost on points.”

Still, even with the controversial decision, the two rivals appeared in good spirits afterward. Peixoto and Silva hugged and shook hands, patting each other on the back, after the judge's declared the mayor the winner.

While the two politicians may finally have a decision on who could win in a fight, it's unclear how the battle will affect the waterpark that instigated the brawl in the first place.