What Is a Breeding Kink? How Unprotected Sex Became a Turn-On

There's nothing naughtier than making babies – at least according to people with a breeding kink.
A couple with a breeding kink text
Image: Sam Boxer

If you, for whatever reason, find yourself searching “breed me” or “breeding kink” on Twitter one day, expect to find a flood of posts celebrating sweaty bodies and close-up shots of dicks. Cum – lots of it – is almost always present, along with captions like “wish someone would fill me up like this!” or “I need to swallow loads upon loads of your cum!” 


You might expect this to be pure heterosexual fantasy, but a lot of the posts are… super gay. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of photos of people Kegel-squeezing ejaculate out of their vaginas, but there are also gay orgies celebrating the joy of cum dumping. People of all genders, it seems, can have a breeding kink.

The increasingly popular fetish refers to arousal at the thought of being impregnated or impregnating someone, or – if you want to get specific about it – ejaculating in them. There are overtones of domination and objectification; you are a hole, a cum bucket, or, in the parlance of the kink, a “breeding bitch”. 

According to Google Trends, searches for “breeding kink” started to pick up in 2020, peaking late last year amid a flurry of jokey TikToks about “taking the breeding kink too far”, followed by a pan downwards to a positive pregnancy test or protruding belly. 

Getting turned on by somebody coming inside you is nothing new – after all, the sex toy industry has an entire subsection of ejaculating dildos. Think of it as a sliding scale: There are those who love cream pies at one end and people who really get off on impregnation at the other. Then there’s “forced breeding”, where the kink combines with consensual non-consent (CNC) or rape play, in which willing victims ask breeders to “force your seed into my little fertile pussy!” as one Reddit user puts it


Valentina Bellucci, a porn creator and studio head of StepHouseXXX, has noticed the fetish picking up steam online, particularly in amateur style porn. In fact, she’s already been asked to do a few breeding kink scenes herself. Bellucci thinks it’s “directly related to the growing popularity of hotwife” – women in relationships who have sex with other people, especially men, often with their partner’s consent and encouragement – “and swinger content”.

“The term ‘breeding’ was being used in the swingers community for years,” she explains. “You could find a lot of posts on the swinger groups where a guy would look for ‘a bull who will breed his wife’. Now I see a lot of content like this.”

But what’s the appeal of all this farmyard language – like bull, seed, even “breeding sow”? “I think it has to do with dominance, and taking ownership of another man's wife,” she says. “Based on my experience, there are swingers who are more into this aggressive approach and those who are more interested in creating some type of relationship or friendship with another couple. Usually, people who use animalistic language are all about sex. In this type of scenario, it feels like the ‘bull’ is just a tool. He has to show up, fuck and leave.”

Anonymous Twitter account @eyes4pies exclusively tweets breeding fetish content to hundreds of followers. His bio describes him as a 33-year-old breeding obsessive who “spends all day imagining fallin in luv [sic] and filling every pussy on earth!”.


“I prefer it more than any other way [of sex] and do it as much as I can –with consent of course,” he tells me over DMs. “But I don’t have sex with women not on birth control, so maybe the breeding aspect isn’t the focus in real life. But I think about it while having sex, nearly every time.”

He identifies as a switch, and enjoys the possessive aspect of internal ejaculation. “Of course you don’t own them, but you are driving in and planting your seed and leaving yourself inside of them. That’s crazy hot to me.” 

Baby Bunny, a 25-year-old sub, tweets from @BunnieHumper96 and describes herself as an “aspiring housewife” with a breeding kink. “For me, breeding is almost primal,” she says. “It’s a man choosing me to carry his children.”

Is it fantasy play or does she really does want loads of kids? “I’d classify myself as a monogamous breeding submissive,” Bunny replies. “I'm not going to just let any Dom I have impregnate me and then find out in a year we don’t work out. But I’d like to have as many babies as we can afford when we do get to that point of no longer pretending, but living, our kinks.”

In the most literal possible interpretation of the kink, OnlyFans star and self-described “good little church girl gone wild” Daisy Mae caters directly to her followers’ fetish for breeding and pregnant bodies.


“I didn’t feel sexy during my first pregnancy, so when I found out I was pregnant just after I started OnlyFans, I was like, ‘There goes my chance of having a job through this pandemic,’” she tells me over FaceTime. “Little did I know, so many gentlemen love, love, love hearing about the body changes that you're having.”

“I have men from all walks of life [on OnlyFans] tell me it's the most beautiful form a woman can be in, because it's embracing her true genuine femininity,” she adds. “I'm able to get men to come just by talking about how my boobs are fuller, and my skin is stretched really tight.” 

So does this mean she’s permanently pregnant? “I can’t get pregnant too soon [after a previous pregnancy] as it’s just so hard on my body. But I can recycle content. With my last pregnancy I took 45 videos and 2,000 photos.” 

Like @eyes4pies, though, many people who engage in a breeding fetish don’t actually want pregnancy to result from sex, in the same way that consensually engaging in rape play doesn’t mean you actually want to sexually assault someone, or be assaulted yourself.

The r/childfree subreddit, a popular forum for people who don’t want kids, has several posts from people weighing up their fetish against a fear of pregnancy. “Do any of my childfree friends here have a breeding kink but are REPULSED by the idea of actually getting pregnant/having children?” one user, Mother_Of_Draigainzz, writes. “It's a dangerous kink to have.” 

Porn legend Bree Mills, who heads up Adult Time, a porn streaming platform, emphasises that breeding porn is not reserved for straight couples, either. “You definitely see a lot of breeding scenarios within gay male content,” she explains. “In fact, I recently wrapped a production for my studio, Disruptive Films, all about a dystopian future breeding farm for men!”

Her sentiments are echoed by Joao Florencio, a senior art history lecturer at the University of Exeter, and the author of Bareback Porn, Porous Masculinities, Queer Futures: The Ethics of Becoming-Pig. He suggests the fetishisation of “breeding” may even have originated in gay male sex scenes in the aftermath of the AIDS crisis. 

“In that context, ‘breeding’ appears first among the ‘barebacking’ subcultures of gay men who eroticised HIV transmission at a time when we didn’t yet have PrEP to prevent HIV transmission,” he says. “Those men understood sex without condoms and potential HIV infection as something akin to heterosexual reproduction and its associated blood kinship, whereby they felt connected by blood to one another through HIV, just like a biological family.”

It might be tempting to conclude that the desire to be “bred” is reflective of a wider generational fear of parenthood – in a world that has priced millennials out of having children and is heating up at a terrifying rate, what feels more forbidden than using sex to procreate?

But at its core, the breeding fetish seems to be a celebration of something more animalistic; a simple game of domination and risk, with a little dash of taboo misogyny thrown in. After all, if you believe that you can be a complex, smart and interesting person beyond your reproductive organs, what could be naughtier than pretending you’re not?