Looter-Slasher Is Not a Genre. OR IS IT?

We predict the winners and definitively name a "new" sub-genre.
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Shlooter. A perfect phrase that instantly conveys what type of game you're talking about. It will have guns, you will shoot, there will be loot. If only every subgenre had such a succinct and mouth pleasing word. One game announced at The Game Awards left the Waypoint Radio crew with an urgent need. The game: Godfall, the description: a "loot-slasher." We knew it had the same potential as "loot-shooter" once had, so had to figure out what to call this "new" genre. You can listen to the full episode with our Game Awards predictions and Austin Walker talking us through Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries and read an excerpt below.


Patrick: I want to read this line from the YouTube [description]. See if you can pick up on where I stumbled. "Godfall is a third person fantasy looter-slasher focused on melee––

Austin: Shut the FUCK up!

Patrick: ––combat, coming to Playstation 5 and PC." Godfall's a third person fantasy looter-slasher.

Austin: Looter-slasher. Shut up, bad. Boo.

Patrick: Slasher-looter?

Austin: Technicality, no, boo. Down over.

Rob: Sloosher?

Ricardo: Sloosher? Yeah, I think sloosher.

Patrick: Shlooter-slasher?

Austin: A Lasher? A Slooter?

Ricardo: A Slasher

Austin: No, Slooter is already a shoot–

Ricardo: No that's Shlooter.

Austin: The problem here is that SL, hmm. Yeah shlooter, this is not a shlooter, this is a slooter. like a slash–

Ricardo: A Slooter?

Patrick: A Sloother?

Austin: A slash-looter.

Ricardo: A Slatter!

Patrick: Ah, slash looter.

Austin: A slatter? No, but there's no loot, you gotta get the "oot" in there that's the only, loot is loot.

Patrick: Oot oot baby oot.

Ricardo: Sloot– Slooter.

Austin: A Sloosher? No it's not a – a Loosher?

Ricardo: Sloosher! It's a sloosher!

Patrick: You get that at 7-11.

Austin: Yeah, I love to mix the different flavors of sloosher.

Ricardo: Yeah, just sloosh them all around.

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