An Interview with ‘Margie the Hun’, the AI Marge Simpson Taking Off Online

A British version of Marge who runs her own nail salon and loves B&M and all-inclusives is the influencer society needs.
Margie the Hun on her phone and on holiday.
Photo: Margie the Hun

When Silicon Valley bros were developing AI art tools, they probably weren’t predicting that it would inspire a new genre of British-coded Simpsons fan art. First there were the AI music covers of Homer Simpson singing “Born Slippy”, then there were the “average Friday night of a [insert vocation]” image galleries, which typically start with Homer donning a Stoney and ended with him doing too much coke. (This is Great Britain!!!)


In recent weeks, a new star has emerged: Marge Simpson reimagined as “Margie the Hun”, a B&M-loving, charity shop rummaging, down-to-earth average British girlie who’s close to her gran and just loves extra crunchy McFlurries. Her AI-generated galleries are already doing numbers, with some getting up to 980,000 views on TikTok.

Margie’s candid about her difficult relationship with her mum, her dating troubles, and the traumatic break-up with her best mate. In short, she is all of us. Her life isn’t perfect, but it’s comforting – almost aspirational – in its normalcy. We got in touch with the creator of Margie the Hun to ask for some life advice. She replied to our questions – in character, of course.

VICE: Has it felt weird becoming a TikTok superstar out of the blue when you're such a normal girl?
Margie the Hun:
I can't even think of myself as a superstar - I'm just Margie - but the response I've gotten from huns all over is beyond me wildest dreams. I love knowing that people love the little things in life as much as I do. Makes me feel connected to huns everywhere x

Why do you think people relate to you so much?

I think people find me relatable cuz I'm probably a mix of every hun they've ever known - their mum, sister, auntie, friends, girls they went to school with, their gay mates, work colleagues and also themselves x

What's your Costa order?
Two shot latte with full fat milk and two pumps of hazelnut syrup, though I've been trying to support local cafes in me area as of late x


What's your Maccies order?
Chicken selects meal, sour cream and chive and BBQ dips, Coke Zero and a Smarties McFlurry with double toppings x

What's your Subway order?
Meatball marinara with American cheese and toasted, lettuce, red onion and drowned in Chipotle Southwest sauce. Always get a Subway cookie too, I think they're well nicer than M&S cookies x

Do you have any tattoos or would you like any?

I don't actually hun! It's still burned into me head that some airlines won't accept you as cabin crew if ya have tattoos and I always wanted to keep
my options open if I get bored of doing nails and aesthetics x

What's one bit of advice your nan gave you that you'll never forget?
Nan always says "What's meant for you won't pass you" and she's dead right x

How’s Homer?
I don't know who that is hun x

Have you seen the posts about him doing gear down the pub with Kermit?
I get tagged in videos of some bald lad all the time and I've no idea why hun. I must look similar to someone who knows him x

What's your best advice for getting over an ex?
If it was meant to be, it would have worked out. Ya have to trust that there's someone far more suited to you out there hun x

How can women be more supportive of women?
I'm dead confident in who I am and what I like, and I don't hate any part of my hun identity, so it's easy for me to accept other women as they are. If ya ever find yourself turning your nose up at another hun and you don't have a valid reason why, it might just be internalised misogyny. You've much more in common with other women than ya think, no matter how different your life might seem, and we have to stick together x

Why does it hurt so much to lose a best mate?
If you're in a relationship and someone falls out of love romantically, you can maybe accept that they just don't fancy ya anymore - but someone else will. When ya lose a best mate it's like they've fallen out of love with you as a person, and who is gonna replace the formative years ya had with a best mate? It cuts far deeper hun x

Are you going anywhere nice for holibobs this year?
As soon as I pay off the balance on me credit card I'm defo gonna look into putting a deposit down on a holiday to Ibiza. My mate Tasha is desperate to get a photo with Wayne Lineker at Ocean Beach but even I think that's naff x

How is your hair and makeup always so perfect?
Bless you hun, I'm far from perfect but I think the quality of my photos on socials is just low res enough to do me a few favours. That and a lot of Elnett x


How often do you dye your hair blue?
Every eight to 12 weeks. Ya know I've gotta have it bleached first to get to that shade of blue, and my hair is fried at the minute. I might switch it up for something more low maintenance soon x

What's your favourite fabric softener scent?
Lenor Gold Orchid x

How are you making your brew?
Teabag in me Grinch mug, three-quarters full hot water, one-quarter milk, leave brewing for 30 seconds, take out teabag, two sugars x

What gives you the ick?
Lol, how long have got hun? Off the top of me head if he arrives alone in an eight-seater taxi, if he's still doing Borat impressions and if he looks down on hun culture x

Favourite charity shop find?
Anything with Princess Di on it... on her own though. I actually share my fave weekly charity shop find in my newsletter every Tuesday x

Favourite showstopper outfit?

An LBD from Oh Polly and a nice pair of strappy heels I got for a bargain off Vinted x

What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?
Some of me tastes might be a bit basic, but I actually also love to read and I'm a big feminist. I used to think being a feminist was just about being a girl boss and having your own business, but me older neighbour Trish has conversations with me on the drive to aqua aerobics about intersectional feminism and I learn so much from her, she's dead intelligent x