Weekly Horoscope: May 29 - June 4

The Sagittarius full moon turns it up.

Intuition is strong as emotional Venus harmonizes with spiritual Neptune on Friday, June 2, at 6:42 PM. The only problem with strong emotional intuition is that it may be hard to differentiate between feelings and reality. Even if you’re wrong about something, the feelings can provide valuable information and act as a guide.

The full moon in Sagittarius turns up the volume on Saturday, June 3, at 11:41 PM. Gemini season can be about doing research, studying a topic. The Sagittarius full moon wants us to express our knowledge, to teach, and maybe be a little silly!


People are really not afraid to say what’s on their minds this weekend. Mercury meets Uranus at 3:49 PM on Sunday, June 4, which can find us saying things spontaneously, erratically, and with little regard for consequence. Outspokenness reigns.

All times ET.

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Aries glyph

Aries: March 20, 2023 - April 20, 2023

It seems like these days you really do need to fight for your right to party. Your planetary ruler Mars is in a fun-loving sector of your chart, motivating you to keep the good times going no matter what! Your emotional channels run deep as love planet Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, inspiring you to dream beyond the pale. You have infinite space to explore your emotions, but you’re doing this in a private, protected place. You still want to get out and roam as the full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius lights up your chart’s house of travel, asking you to explore somewhere far from where you are now.

Taurus glyphs

Taurus: April 20, 2023 - May 21, 2023

Connect with your friends, deeply and spiritually! A fondness for friendships, siblings, and neighbors is celestially favored as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, making you infinitely empathetic to your closest life partners. You might even feel a psychic connection to these close relations. Liberate yourself from cringe! There’s nothing embarrassing about feeling love fully and deeply. The full moon illuminates your chart’s house of intimacy, showing you things that are shared and finite, encouraging you to step outside of your ego. You’re able to think outside the box, especially when considering yourself and your identity, as messenger Mercury meets quirky Uranus in your sign.

Gemini glyph

Gemini: May 21, 2023 - June 21, 2023

Gemini season shows you how smart you are, because you never stop asking questions. There’s plenty of space to dream, wonder, and create as artistic Venus harmonizes with spiritual Neptune, creating a channel for inspiration and emotional growth. This emotional growth does not happen alone: The full moon emphasizes your relationships as it illuminates your chart’s house of partnerships, revealing how you and your partners can benefit from interdependence. Be mindful of what you’re saying as your planetary ruler Mercury meets with Uranus in your chart’s house of secrets—you might spontaneously expose some hidden truths. Your special way with words can put you in a pickle, or lead to a genius invention.

Cancer glyph

Cancer: June 21, 2023 - July 22, 2023

Gemini season asks you to be alone with your thoughts. In this solitude you can find spiritual enlightenment, and intellectual freedom. You’re dreaming big, inspired by your feelings and intuitions, as emotional Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, clearing a channel to the divine. There are a lot of spiritual and mystical feelings to tap into now! The only way to truly serve something greater than yourself, though, is to start small. The little rituals and habits you do each day are exposed under the light of the full moon, illuminating your chart’s house of habits, routine, and work. Maybe a job is now finished, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Leo glyph

Leo: July 22, 2023 - August 23, 2023

Gemini season has you out and about, connecting with the crowds. It’s a very social time for you, Leo! Your friends and followers are highlighted by the full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius. It’s time to recognize what’s fun, what lights your fire, and what makes you feel alive as the full moon lights up your chart’s house of leisure and love, showing you how to have a good time. You can get some attention for your quirks and eccentricities as messenger Mercury meets with quirky Uranus in your chart’s house of public reputation. You’re just being yourself. Even if it’s out of step with the world. You can think very quickly about how to work around discontinuities, leading to the inception of new channels.

Virgo glyph

Virgo: August 23, 2023 - September 23, 2023

Gemini season opens your eyes to how you’re connecting with the world at large. Your relationship with the public is being more clearly defined and refined. You can be whoever people want you to be. Play into your mystery and glamour as Venus, planet of beauty, harmonizes with illusory Neptune. Play into your movie star air! You might be feeling a pull toward home, nostalgia, and family life as the full moon illuminates your chart’s house of home and hearth, showing you how to make a home wherever you may roam! Share your unique philosophies with the world, or take note of your special insights as your planetary ruler Mercury meets with Uranus in your chart’s house of higher knowledge, giving you an avant-garde perspective.

Libra glyph

Libra: September 23, 2023 - October 23, 2023

Gemini season asks you to expand your horizons, through study or travel. You’re curious about what’s out there, and sharing your ideas more rapidly. You are in touch with the trends of today, and might find yourself easily falling into them, as your planetary ruler Venus, harmonizes with dreamy Neptune. How are you defined by the currents of a trend cycle, or how do you overcome the fads? Are you regretting the brow lamination? Embarrassed about a TikTok post? The full moon in Sagittarius asks you to free your mind as it illuminates your chart’s house of communication, learning, and writing. There’s a rebellious, silly spirit to tap into. Outspokenness and a good sense of humor are empowering.

Scorpio glyph

Scorpio: October 23, 2023 - November 22, 2023

Gemini season opens your mind to the possibility of not knowing, which may be uncomfortable. Being humbled by ignorance can be disempowering, unless you find a way to wield your ignorance as a learning opportunity. It can feel like there's a carrot being dangled in front of you as the full moon illuminates your chart’s house of personal resources. Maybe you’re finally getting a paycheck or reward for trusting in the process. Having faith pays off! New, strange relationships are being conceived as messenger Mercury meets with quirky Uranus in your chart’s house of partnerships. Learning about people's idiosyncrasies can have you suddenly interested in knowing more. Maybe you’re open to mingling with those you normally wouldn’t!

Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius: November 22, 2023 - December 21, 2023

Gemini season shows you the truth about your relationships, and the full moon will reveal how you feel about them, too! Love is a sensitive topic as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, harmonizes with psychic Neptune, putting you in touch with your most subtle emotions. This can be a time when you’re in tune with things that are more taboo or unspoken, since Venus is in a sector of your chart that deals with things that aren’t usually spoken about. You’re finding a way to connect to things that are unspoken, but this full moon has a lot to say. Talk about how you feel—you might end up surprising everyone, yourself included.

Capricorn glyph

Capricorn: December 21, 2023 - January 20, 2024

Gemini season has you focused on your chores and tasks with an ability to multi-task like no other. You can ask other people for their help at this time, and you can also be of great assistance! You’re extra sensitive to other people’s feelings as love planet Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, thinning the boundaries between two people. This can be a time of deep connection and empathy. Plus, it’s a full moon, which illuminates a very secret sector of your chart. Something that you never realized may be revealed to you, showing you an alternate perspective that liberates you from feeling like you have to do everything yourself. Mercy is granted.

Aquarius glyphs

Aquarius: January 20, 2023 - February 18, 2023

Gemini season is a fun time for Aquarius as the sun moves through your chart’s pleasure sector, bringing you joy through friendships, playfulness, and creativity! Your long-term goals may be coming to fruition as the full moon illuminates your chart’s house of hopes and dreams. Take time to celebrate your success—throw a party if you must! Even if it’s a work in progress, you can take time to celebrate your victories. You’re ready to abruptly call things off as messenger Mercury meets with quirky Uranus in a sector of your chart associated with endings. You might be ready to speak your mind quickly and bravely, talking about things that are deeply personal, but necessary for your comfort.

Pisces glyph

Pisces: February 18, 2023 - March 20, 2023

Gemini season reveals your need for rest, Pisces. The sun moves through the lowest part of your chart, signifying your personal night time. This time of year is when you’re lying low, recharging, and touching your roots. Let your creativity flow as Venus, the planet of art and harmony, connects with dreamy Neptune, putting you in touch with things that are deeply human. Vulnerability and selflessness are ways to create artwork or express emotions that everyone can relate to. The full moon is a time for you to put yourself out there, even if you’re more about your privacy these days. This full moon can find you in the public eye, ready to share your gifts with the world.