Behind The Scenes With Jerkmate Cam Model, Amber Alena

What it's REALLY like to work as a professional cam girl.
amber alena cam girl

“I think about [sex work] like food,” says full-time “cam girl,” Amber Alena. “If you don’t like pizza, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world should stop eating it, too.”

As a full-time cam girl for Jerkmate — a website that self-describes as “the world's largest and best-loved hub for adult chat & live cam sex,” Alena spends most days of the week video-chatting live with customers from the convenience of her own home. And for her, the set-up is ideal. Having previously built a career modeling and acting in pornography films, she says she much prefers the comfort and the leisure of digital sex work. “I like the freedom it gives me,” she says. “I like the ability to set my own hours or take off when I need.”


When it comes to clientele, Alena’s roster has range. She chats with devoted regulars; newcomers; folks in specific kink categories; customers who merely want to talk. Sessions range from PG to X-rated. “I like to really engage with customers and fans as much as possible. I think that really means something to them,” she says. At the start of a recording, she’ll often ask her clients if they have requests: Fur, leather, a specific costume, so she can make sure she’s doing her best to meet their needs.

amber alena doing her makeup

Jerkmate cam girl, Amber Alena

“At Jerkmate, we have something called ‘Gold Shows,’ where we get to determine how much we want a person to pay to see the entire show,” she explains — which allows her to tailor her content towards democratic price points as well as tastes. And all the while, she’s in charge of determining what she feels comfortable (or pointedly enjoys) streaming digitally. “Successful camming is all about personality and how you present yourself. That, and good lighting,” she says.

That said, for Alena, camming is hardly just a job. It’s a source of pleasure — empowerment, even. The work is lucrative and convenient. It allows her to cultivate meaningful, interpersonal relationships, and to celebrate her body and her sexuality. “Sex work is really liberating,” she says. “I wish more people would withhold their negative opinions about it because some of us, like myself, really like what we do.”

Watch the video above for a closer, behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of Jerkmate cam girl, Amber Alena, or catch more on Jerkmate.