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I Tried Joggy's Re-Chargies, and I Believe in CBD's Powers Again

I've tried all the melatonin, Ativan, and weed under the sun—Re-Chargies gives them all a run for their money.
Review: Joggy's Re-Chargies Are the CBD Sleep Aid to Rule Them All
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Over here at Rec Room, we consider ourselves CBD aficionados, due to the incredible variety of CBD delivery methods that we’ve tried and loved over the years. So I started out from a “cautiously optimistic” standpoint when trying out Joggy’s “quiet calm” Re-Chargies gummies, ‘cause I know that not all CBD is created equal. And with all those options, it can be tricky finding the right product that works effectively for you. 


I’m typically not a gummy gal, as I feel their effects can be wildly diverse based on what and when you ate that day, the time at which you take them, etc., but after chowing down on Re-Chargies for a week, I’m a changed woman. To back up a bit, Joggy is a fitness-forward CBD brand that makes “plant-based energetics for full-spectrum activity," according to its website, and the company launched this April with just five products (drops, gummies, and topicals). Each option has a slightly different effect, with Runner’s High designed for pre-workout energy without the jitters; Ready Steady formulated for calm and focus; Joy Stick providing relief for sore muscles; and, finally, Re-Chargies to center yourself after an intense workout or hush your brain before bed. I gave the latter a test run, and holy cannoli, do they go hard. 

I’m someone that likes (well, needs) a little bit of ganja to succumb to the sweet surrender of slumber each night, but as a person who likes to take the occasional tolerance break—my habit was getting spensi—I needed something to help take the edge off so I didn’t have to resort to heavier narcotics. Re-Chargies could not have come at a better time. 

$58 at Joggy

$58 at Joggy

Joggy’s claims to have created a superior delivery mechanism for CBD thanks to its proprietary formulation, which uses lipid encapsulation (rather than an oil-based delivery system) to ensure that the gummies don’t lose any potency on their trip to your small intestine, where absorption occurs. Each gummy is a substantial 25 milligrams, which offers just the right dose to make your eyelids heavy, without feeling like you’re totally on another planet. Joggy’s full-spectrum CBD is “non-psychoactive, yet promotes that iconic, loose-limbed euphoria known as a runner’s high,” according to the brand, which I can corroborate; more on that in a sec. In Re-Chargies, the addition of CBN supports a healthy circadian rhythm, without a groggy hangover, while CBG offers anti-inflammatory properties and aids in muscle recovery. These two cannabinoids occur naturally at the beginning and end of a cannabis plant’s life-cycle. CBG is most prevalent when a plant is young, and is sometimes known as “the mother strain” since it is the base of what eventually becomes THC or CBD (different parts of the same plant). Patients surveyed in 2021 reported that CBG-dominant products offered them measurable benefits in dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. In multiple studies, CBN has displayed the ability to reduce inflammation, offer pain relief, and improve sleep quality.


I was honestly a little anxious putting all my faith in a hibiscus-flavored gumdrop, with no back-up THC to knock me out. I worried that if these suckers didn’t work, I’d be an irritable grump the following day. But after giving them a shot, I’m happy to say, I slept like a toddler who fell asleep in the back of the car and could barely keep their eyes open as their dad carried them into the house. Every night I took Re-Chargies, I conked out. These gummies rule for two reasons: First, they lull you into a serene calm until you wake up a solid eight hours later (thank heck I have a pre-set alarm)—in my case, sometimes with all the lights on, feeling a little confused but well-rested. Second, they are tasty; I had tried out a different sleep gummy a few days prior and winced while chewing that medicinal berry cube, but these taste like slightly sweet hibiscus, with a nice chew—more like the texture of a Twizzler than Haribo.

TL;DR: When I took these CBD gummies before bed, I woke up each day feeling like I had just come home for the holidays, having not a care in the world aside from eating carbs and being showered in gifts. If you’re looking to sleep longer and harder while also recharging your bod from workout and stress, Re-Chargies are a great choice for those who are looking for a solution free of habit-forming pills, THC, or over-the-counter syrups. Go on, don’t be afraid to get your beauty rest.

Re-Chargies are available for purchase on Joggy’s website.

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