Apple Will Make You Buy a $20 Charging Brick to Charge $1,000 iPhone 12 Pro

Apple tries USB-C, finds a way to make you buy a new accessory.
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Apple has found yet another way to force you to buy an expensive dongle/adapter for its expensive gadgets in order to make said gadgets work, and has yet again avoided adopting an international standard connector that would have made everything a lot simpler. 

As the world has started to move to USB-C, which is better than older USB-A ports (cables can face either direction, fast-charging is supported), many people have been hoping that Apple would switch to USB-C for charging on the iPhone. It is increasingly the standard that most devices use, so you'd be more likely to find a cable to charge your phone no matter where you go. Instead, Apple has stuck with its proprietary (but now widely available) Lightning Port, but has included a USB-C to Lightning charging cable with the iPhone 12. What this means is that the charging cord that comes with your new phone will not plug into older computers or the vast majority of power bricks ever created.

Now, this is not the biggest deal in the world. USB-C to Lightning cables can charge phones faster than USB-A to Lighting cables. With the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple included a USB-C to Lightning cable, but also included a charging brick. I have looked after this brick very carefully, because new ones are $19.99 and they are not widely available at gas stations, bodegas, airports, etc. 

With the iPhone 12, however, Apple will not include a charging brick, meaning that you need to buy a separate,  $19.99 20W USB-C Power Adapter. What this means is that the charging cable that comes with your new phone will not plug into the vast majority of power bricks and computers and USB hubs and ports on airplanes and cars ever created and that to take advantage of a very basic feature your new, very expensive phone, you will have to yet again buy a separate accessory. It's also another example of Apple taking away something that was once free and making you pay for it.