8 Essential Podcast Episodes About Race and Racism in the UK

Some of the best episodes on race and racism in London, the UK, and the world from the VENT podcast archive.
Podcasts About Race and Racism
Photo by Johnathan Williams

It hardly needs to be said that we’re in a highly significant historic moment. As Black Lives Matter gains a new wave of global traction, statues representing oppressive forces are literally pulled down, and the world reckons with racism, it feels crucially important to take time to get to know the issues informing our current moment.

We’ve pulled together some resources for doing so from the archive of our VENT podcast. VENT is a VICE UK collaboration with the London borough of Brent, which is London’s Borough of Culture for 2020. VENT hands VICE’s microphone to the young people of Brent, giving them space to discuss the issues affecting them right now, covering everything from mental health to fast fashion.


The episodes listed here vary in focus – there are conversations on intersectional feminism, discrimination in sport, coronavirus and much more – but each discusses topics around race and racism. Listening to podcasts doesn’t solve racism, but it can, like other types of cultural engagement, be a tool in recognising oppression and our role in dismantling it.

VENT Weekly #36: ‘Everything is too much right now’

VENT hosts take some time to process the last couple of weeks.

VENT Weekly #25: 'The conversations we're having will matter in the future'

Santos and Surpina discuss the life of British Black Panther, Olive Morris.

VENT Weekly #24: The Virus Does Discriminate

People from Black and Asian ethnic minority backgrounds are being hit the hardest by COVID-19. VENT hosts ask why.

VENT Weekly #23: 'They're supposed to be on your side'

VENT hosts discuss the importance of intersectionality.

VENT Weekly #19: ‘Swimming isn’t made for us’

VENT hosts explore the barriers that stop many Black women from getting involved in the sport.

VENT Weekly #14: "And that's just how an entire continent is being treated"

White saviours are toxic. We talk about why.

VENT Documentaries #6: Outnumbered by White People

Amelia contemplates her future in the white-dominated media industry.

VENT Documentaries #3: Why Does Everyone Call Me Carlos?

Santos looks at the politics behind getting someone’s name wrong.

VENT is available on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.