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WATCH: The Tense Moment That UKIP MP Douglas Carswell Was Ambushed by a Baying Mob in London

Video of the tense moment when the former Tory was confronted by a crowd of furious anti-austerity protesters.

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In the early hours of yesterday evening, Douglas Carswell, the UKIP MP for Clacton, found himself surrounded by a mob of left-wing activists, as he had the misfortune to emerge from a tube station at the precise moment an anti-Tory protest was heading past.

The crowd blocked his path, screaming "Racist!" at him over and over again, while another man told him, "You're not coming this way, fascist." Eventually, Carswell – who was once a prominent Tory – needed a police escort to steer his way through the crowd and away from the tense confrontation.

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