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Japan's Dancehall Scene Is Banging

The first episode of Bose's new series Scene Unseen.
July 18, 2014, 1:39pm

In their brand new series, Scene Unseen, Bose have been travelling the world to explore a bunch of music scenes you probably wouldn't expect to exist. Scenes like Japan's thriving – and somewhat unlikely – dancehall and reggae subculture, which is the focus of this first episode.

From catching up with Yokohama’s sound system kings Mighty Crown and meeting Batty Bom Bom – one of the scene’s most revered dancers, and a former winner of the prestigious annual Dancehall Queen competition – the film takes in every aspect of the culture and how it's been translated for a Japanese audience. A dance troupe called the Illmatic Gyalz, for example, don't only teach people how to dutty wine; they also educate them about Jamaican culture and language.

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